DIY Scrabble Wall Art

diy scrabble wall art
Oh, Scrabble – a game that most of us have a love-hate relationship with. It makes you feel like you should have spent time reading dictionaries while you’re on the toilet. On the bright side, it makes for very cool home decor pieces. It’s much easier when you can choose what you want to spell out, without being limited to 7 letters and trying to beat your sibling to the “TRIPLE WORD SCORE” tile. Today, we are going to turn your wall into a life-size Scrabble board where you will never lose. You can spell out your own name, or put together words that describe the room (example: peaceful, quiet, serenity). Check out our quick how-to video below to make this DIY scrabble wall art!

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What You’ll Need:

– paint canvases (we bought ours at Dollarama – $2 for 3!)
– tan paint (to create that wood block look)
– black paint (for the letters and numbering)
– paintbrushes


– Google search “Scrabble alphabet” to find out what score number correlates with each letter.
– Ensure the height of space left at the bottom and top of the letters is consistent so they do not look wonky when they’re put up.
– Use a smaller brush for the numbers and to sharpen the edges of the letters.

For more easy DIY wall art, check out this geometric painting!

Show us your creations!

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  1. This is my fave video because one, this DIY tutorial seems so unique, two, I love Scrabble and three, I think incorporating a fun, educational I suppose game with art gives off a sophisticated feel? I just really like this idea and I will definitely try this out soon! x

  2. I love this diy video because it’s super cute and creative plus it makes you look smart working with words and all xD Also it reminds me of acrostic poems which are beautiful!

  3. I love this video because this is helpful not just for me but for my wallet too. I can have my own stylish wall without spending too much money, thank you for this. Hope you make more videos like this!!!


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