Busy making plans for a spring wedding or a spring themed event? Want something unique to brighten up your table? Look no further, these cute place card holders will help you brighten up your table and help you win at organizing the perfect party! Your guests will love these unique hand-made place cards that will welcome them at the table. You could even customize them to match your guests personality.

DIY Flower Wire Place Cards For Your Next Party

The supplies you will need:

  • 22 gauge wire
  • Green floral tape
  • A bottle of tacky glue
  • Nail Paint in any colours you like
  • A Pencil
  • Hairdryer


  1. Make the loops
    Take the wire and make loops around the pencil. Make sure you tighten the wire at the base after you make every loop. These loops will can be folded out to form a flower or a bunch of grapes. We made 5 loops and then slid the wire off the pencil.
  2. Pan out the loops into petals using your fingers.
    The loops may not initially come out perfectly so arrange them till you see fit.
  3. Make the leaves
    Cut a long piece of wire and using pliers, create a single oval and tighten it. You can twist and shape the wire according to the leaf you want it to look like. If the ends of the wire are sharp, make sure to file them.
  4. Fill in the loops
    Use tacky glue to fill in the loops. First outline the edges with the glue and then gently pressing the tube move it from side to side within the loop to fill it in, forming a layer of glue. It takes a minute to get used to the process. Make sure you squeeze out little amounts of glue otherwise it will drip. Repeat the same process for all shapes that you have. It is absolutely essential that you use tacky glue. Although there are a lot of DIY pins that suggest using only nail enamel works, it is very hard to master and using tacky glue makes the process easy as highlighted in this pictorial.
  5. Carefully dry the glue
    To speed up the process, we used a hairdryer at the lowest setting to dry the glue. Constantly move the shape to avoid blasting too much air such that it tears the glue layer. An alternate way is to allow the glue to sit for a few hours to dry naturally.
  6. Paint over the glue
    Using nail paints of whichever colours you like, paint over the glue carefully so that you don’t tear through it.
  7. Cover the stems
    Use floral tape to cover any portion of wire that is left. Twirl the tape around the wire starting from the base of the flower/ grape bunch to the very end. Also use the tape to tie together the leaves to the main stems.
  8. Create the base and tape it
    Take a long piece of wire and twirl it around the stem of the flower, starting from the region where you attached the leaves. Keep a short length straight and then create two big loops to form the base. Cover up all the wire using green floral tape as shown.
  9. Attach Names to the Holder
    You can write out the name of your guests and use clear tape to adhere it to the stem of the holder. They’re all done and ready to be placed at your table!

Tell us your DIY ideas for spring themed events!

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