DIY String Ball Home Decor

DIY String Ball Home Decor
Home decor can become quite an expensive spend, which is why we resort to Googling DIYs online. To add to your search, try out these cute balls of string that can be used to decorate your house in many ways. You can hang them from the ceiling, use them as table centrepieces (add candles and flowers!) or make smaller ones to stick a string of lights through to hang in your room. Whatever it is, get out the glue and get creative with this DIY string ball.

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Things You’ll Need:

– string or yarn
– white liquid glue
– a balloon
– dyes, food coloring or pigments (optional)


– It’s much easier to accomplish this DIY when the balloon is hanging off of something. Try hanging it from the ceiling, the side of a desk, or in our case, a rolling clothes rack.
– Leave it to dry for a good 24 hours.
– If it caves in after you pop it, simply pull it back out gently.
– Use a balloon similar to the color of your string so the leftover bits blend in.

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  1. This is my favorite video because it’s a unique process, or at least to me. I’ve never seen something like this before and it would be cool to give it a try one day!

  2. This is my favourite video because I love interior designing/home decorating and DIY projects, and this is the best of both worlds.

  3. This is my favorite video because it is simple and the string ball can be a decorative item that can spice up the room to looking more stylish and look like a relaxing room also still look like u put in a a lot of work but u didn’t.

  4. This is my favourite video. It is such a creative yet easy DIY for anyone to do, and it just takes a matter of minutes. This DYI is just a base idea where anyone can use to expand on and make different shapes, and decorations with. It is a very simple yet easy looking piece. I really enjoy this DYI idea.

  5. This is my favorite video because it’s such a creative DIY idea for my college budget! I’m currently decorating my college apartment and the tools were either really cheap or easily found at home. Thanks!!

  6. This is my favorite video because it’s so simple, easy to make and definitely a cheap option for making some DIY home decor. I love how you can add your own colours and make it your own. Such a stylish piece to add to my home 🙂 Thank you!

  7. This is my fav video because I’ve always seen these string balls in stores but I’ve never seen someone do a DIY on it!

  8. this is definately my favorite DIY video on this blog and probably on the internet because it’s so creative and chic! when i first saw it i thought it would be so complicated to make but when i actually watched the video i was blown away (haha pun intended;)) by how easy it was. keep up the amazing work!


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