For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, Spring is just right around the corner! In fact, if you’re lucky, it’s probably already here! That means we can pack away all our dull toned dark attire and bring out some fun, bright colours! Think ultra violet purple, cotton candy pink, mint green, and passionate orange.

Now, we know that the transition from dark to rainbow can be hard. To help you ease into colours again, try a DIY Trendy Chain Braided Bracelet. Why? Well first off, it’s cheap to make it in bulk. Secondly, it’s super easy. And third, it’s one of those #basicbitch essentials that every girl has to have!

DIY Trendy Chain Braided Spring Bracelet

What you will need:

  • Chain fit to your wrist
  • Clasps or magnets
  • 7m of Colourful thread
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Instructions for Chain Braided Bracelet:

  1. Secure clasps to each end of the bracelet
    Use about 3 inches of thread to tie a secure knot. Loop the thread around the chain and clasp multiple times for a strong hold. Cut off any excess string with scissors.
  2. Fold thread in half about 7 times and secure one end with tape
    Get longer thread and fold additional times if you want the coloured portion of the bracelet to be thicker. Make sure the folded thread is at least twice the length of the chain. Using masking tape to secure one end of the thread will make weaving easier. This will act as a ‘needle’.
  3. Thread string through first curb of chain and tie a simple knot
    Ensure one end of the string is slightly longer than the chain length. The other string with the needle should be significantly longer. This string will be for weaving. Tie a simple knot by creating a loop with both strings, wrapping one around the other, and pulling.
  4. Hold shorter string against chain at all times and thread needle through each curb chain loop
    The shorter string will not move or be used. It is used to add ‘bulk’ to the thread design. Hold it firm and disregard it. Use the needled string and continue looping it through each chain, making it’s way down to the bottom of the bracelet.
  5. Double knot both ends of the thread and cut off excess
    If your thread is made out of plastic, you can burn it to meld all the thread together.

And now you’ve got your very own DIY Trendy Chain Braided Bracelet!

What’s your favourite Spring colour?

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