You Don’t Have to Say “I Love You” to Show That You Care

You Don't Have to Say

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to admit your feelings. Some of us are expressive, and others not so much. Expressing your emotions may be a daunting task as it forces you to reveal your true feelings. But there are times when actions speak louder than words, and if the people which you’re trying to convey them to easily catch onto social cues, then you’ll have all of the work done for you without having to speak your mind.

You Don't Have to Say "I Love You" to Show That You Care

Offering to pick them up/drop them off.

Public transportation is the most dreaded thing on Earth. So if you know that someone has plans to go somewhere through the usage public transit, offer to pick them up or drop them off. Going out of your day to make their day simpler, and to save them time, shows that you truly care about them and that you’re making an effort to simplify their life.

You Don't Have to Say "I Love You" to Show That You Care

Cook/bring them food.

Let’s face it, everybody needs food. We survive on it. So when someone brings or gives me food, I rejoice. Because this means that I don’t have to a) scrounge for food in my kitchen, b) cook something when I’m hungry already or c) go out and spend money on food. Sure that may make me out to be free-loader, but admit it, who doesn’t love free food? Instead of buying someone a present, make them a nice lasagna or pot roast.

You Don't Have to Say "I Love You" to Show That You Care

Make them something.

Sometimes the best way to show someone that you care is to give them something that you made with your heart. You could go as crafty knitting a scarf from scratch or go the simpler route of painting a mug or plate. Sometimes the simplest things mean the most.

You Don't Have to Say "I Love You" to Show That You Care

Ask them about their day and really listen.

Lending an ear to someone can make a big difference. Sometimes people are hurting the most because they have no one to talk to. Remember the last time something happened to you and you were able to vent it out to your closest friends? Remember how good you felt after that? Offer that listening ear to show just how much you care, they’ll appreciate it.

You Don't Have to Say "I Love You" to Show That You Care

Get them something that they’ve been wanting.

It doesn’t have to be something big, because anything works. You could get them their favorite drink from Starbucks, or if they love warm socks then pick them up a pair of fuzzy ones. Obviously if you’ve got the funds to pick them up a new laptop that’ll work too. But it’s not the price that counts, it’s the gesture.

You Don't Have to Say "I Love You" to Show That You Care

Subtle touches work too.

If the person you want to express your care to is comfortable wih touching, give them hugs. Embrace them and hug them tight. Gentle squeezes on the shoulder or light taps on the back also serve to show care as well.

You Don't Have to Say "I Love You" to Show That You Care

Acknowledge your appreciation for them.

Sometimes it reall is the little things that count. Thank them for holding open the door for you, or for even opening the car door for you. Or let them know how good their food was when you ate it. It’s the small gestures that go a long way. Continuous acknowledgement of your appreciation for the things that people do for you show that you notice their generosity and aren’t just taking them for granted.

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