Down to Your Skivvies: What Guys Think Of Your Underwear

Down to Your Skivvies: What Guys Think

Ever been stumped by what type of panty to wear with an outfit or what your man will think about it? Here is a list from least to most sexy of the types of underwear your guy like vs. what we like.

Granny Panties

Down to Your Skivvies: What Guys Think

The granny panty is super comfy because they don’t ride up your butt. High rise = full coverage and great for when you’re bloated. You probably never wear them during the day because of their terrible lines they produce on your skinny jeans. Since these panties barely see the light of day they are the true period panty.

Guys Think: Sexiest. Panty. Ever. Just kidding. Granny panties really do nothing for the body besides give them the image of their grandma. And a saggy butt.The only other thought he’s thinking when he sees this is how many more of these brutal panties you got in your Costco pack.

Bikini Cut

Down to Your Skivvies: What Guys Think

The hang out/bed time at home panty. Can be sexy if there’s lace on it or straight up comfortable if made of cotton. Usually cute with sayings like PINK or CUDDLE ME on the back. Best for wearing under sweatpants, loose dresses, and clothing that doesn’t require the hiding of lines.

Guys Think: Bikini cuts should be left on the beach. Worn in the home, it’s more like a Mom panty than a granny panty. Pretty standard and not that hot.

The Boyshort

Down to Your Skivvies: What Guys Think

Great for hanging out or sleeping in. Provide more coverage than a regular panty, but not enough to be socially acceptable in public. Besides general lounging purposes, the boy short is a fantastic option for wearing underneath a loose short skirt or dress.

Guys Think: Also known as the “getting ready for bed shorts”.  Guys enjoy that you can kind of see your butt. Provides some skin but leaves some to the imagination as well. Looks amazing on girls with curves.

The Seamless Tanga

Down to Your Skivvies: What Guys Think

AKA. The Brazilian Cut. Convenient for when you don’t want to wear a thong, but don’t want to make the full bottom coverage commitment. Also a good choice under your H&M curve hugging maxi dress that can show lace lines or those spandex tights. Usually super soft because of the spandex material. Often ride up your butt though, while enhancing your booty.

Guys Think: Apparently guys appreciate that wedgie going on.  Referred to as “the spicy version” of the bikini cut. It says, “I’m classy and sexy, but I’m not going to sleep with you on the first date.”

The Thong

Down to Your Skivvies: What Guys Think

Cotton thongs = amazing gym or everyday underwear. Lace thongs = Great for getting down and dirty or a sexy night out. Sexiest ones come in black, red, or white. Lace provides minimal lines too so it’s amazing to wear with tights. The general point of the thong is to make you look and feel sexy. Sometimes very uncomfortable, other times the best underwear ever.

Guys Think: Best underwear ever. Guys love seeing girls in thongs. Doesn’t matter if we think we look bad, guys absolutely love the little-to-the-imagination coverage thongs provide. Black lace is usually a favourite. It says DTF.

Tell us:

What is your favourite type of underwear?

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  1. Or maybe once again everyone is different? Why can’t people just get to know each other? You know ask what they’re into and stop following stupid advice columns! This is another stupid article written by a woman for women which is full of bullshit advice.

  2. Granny panties… hahaha they really don’t look appealing. I remember when my mom started to use them, my dad would be grossed out ( joking, probably ) when he sees them hanged out side or when it’s lying around the room.


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