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Crowdfunding is a beautiful thing for investing in great, useful projects. A new trinket has sparked some interest in the social scene that aims to prevent the dangers that come with partying hard. Personal drink id is a pocket device that can be dipped in your drink to tell you if it contains a foreign substance. Pd.id can identify certain date rape drugs and when linked to a smartphone, will call you if you need to get out of a sticky situation. Support it at indiegogo if you’re interested.


Alcohol can be fun if handled responsibly, there’s nothing wrong with a little liquid courage once in a while. Even though this gadget might be available on the market soon, it won’t stop someone from tampering with your drink after you’ve tested it. Remember to always use your best judgement and be aware. Don’t let your drink sit on the counter unattended, don’t allow someone to add another shot and don’t taste a stranger’s special mix. Enjoy your night out without a trip to the hospital. It sucks that date-raping drugs have become a major problem leading to sexual assault and we need to carry around devices like Pd.Id. Don’t become a victim.

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