Besides a PSL, there are always other exciting menu changes as the seasons roll over. One in particular, piqued our interest. Many restaurants offer specials for different times of the year, but few completely change up their menu to host a new set of offerings. E11even hosted a media preview to sample and taste their new Fall 2014 menu and we’ve got to say, they were generous!

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E11even drink manager and sommelier, Johnny MacCalder, shared with us a couple of tasty drinks off of their new fall menu. E11even is an old classics restaurant who’s ethos is to create approachability. With drinks created in mind to be able to work for everyone, their fall selection was designed to recreate a warm feeling – as if you were sitting in front of a fireplace.

With a unique dining space that caters to both open and intimate atmospheres, you could easily hold any event at their venue. Be it a business meeting at lunch to a girls’ night out to friends meeting up for a pre or post hockey/basketball game meal, e11even provides excellent hospitality at a reasonable cost.

E11even Toronto Unveils New Fall Menu: Media Preview

The preview started off with servings of their classic favorites: Sliders and amazing crab cakes. We’ve had crab cakes from a few places before and let us tell you, no restaurant makes Crab Cakes with as much crab as e11even. With only a little bit of bread holding together large lumps of crab and topped over with mustard remoulade, it’s easy to see why these crab cakes are one of their most popular dishes on the menu.

From bold to fruity drinks, e11even’s got you covered. Priced between $11-14 per cocktail, you get about 2-3 oz. of alcohol per drink so each drink is well worth your money. If cocktails aren’t your cup of tea, then try out their wines instead.

We tasted several of their fall drinks and can definitely vouch that you’re getting your serving of liquor in each one. Obviously of course should you decide to go light on that side, you can most likely request for it to be done so. Regardless of the quantity and content, all of their drinks tasted delicious and paired well with the dishes that were served.

E11even Toronto Unveils New Fall Menu: Media Preview

Up next was was the Grilled Calamari served on a bed of frisee, olives, red onions and capers. The calamari was fresh, supple and full of flavor. The marinade could be tasted through the cuts of calamari and lingered with every bite. It wasn’t overcooked and rubbery as you may possibly find at many other establishments. The texture was soft and was extremely easy to enjoy.

Alongside the calamari was a serving of their Flatbread that featured butternut squash, gorganzola, arugula and toasted walnuts. The creamy richness of the butternut squash played well against its nutty walnut counterpart that had a solid crunch. You may feel that arugula is a bit strong for your liking and that a helping that large would overwhelm your tastebuds, but it balanced off well against the overall sweetness of the other ingredients from the dish.

If any restaurant knows how to keep their guests satiated it’s definitely e11even. We moved on from the two dishes over to 3 more before dessert was served. We enjoyed two different salads. The first was an Heirloom Carrot Salad that had fennel, chevre noir, and was dressed with a sweet poppyseed vinegrette and cumin yoghurt. This salad was none other than we’d seen before and we were at first perplexed as to what ingredients went into constructing it. Upon our first bite, curiousity changed into wonder as the variety of flavors exploded in our mouth to create a refreshing palette cleanser that readied us for the next few dishes.

E11even Toronto Unveils New Fall Menu: Media Preview

E11even definitely knows the recent food trends and made sure that all of the health foodies were satisfied by serving a Kale Quinoa Salad that had some corn and red onions tossed into it. The dressing was light and sweet and left a longing in the mouth to continue trying more food. Luckily for us, that dish wasn’t the end of our afternoon.

After both salads were demolished by hungry foodies, a slab of Halibut served with braised cannellini beans, gremolata and topped with a few slices of chorizo, was brought out for us to taste. The fish was expertly cooked and didn’t come off dry. It flaked off in moist pieces when we dug into it and the earthy taste of the beans paralelled well againt the saltiness of the chorizo.

We finished off our afternoon lunch with a slice of Key Lime Pie that was sweet but light at the same time. If you want a good dessert that hits the sweet tooth without delivering a punch to the gut, then this key lime pie is the way to go. After eating a multitude of dishes and trying several different drinks, the sourness of the key lime pie rounded out our meal nicely. It didn’t leave a heavy feeling in our mouth as most pies usually do and we felt more than happy returning to our offices to go back work.

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