Embarrassing Fitness Stories From the Locker Room

Embarrassing Fitness Stories From the Locker Room

We’ve all had our fair share of embarrassing stores related to fitness (that time you thought that you could lift the 50 lb dumb bell but really couldn’t?), but we’re sure that there are some you would never want to wish upon your worst enemy… or would you? Read on to enjoy some embarrassing gym stories that we’ve curated over the past week. You guarantee that it’s okay to laugh at these stories.

All names and identities have been changed in these stories so as not to reveal individuals.

Swamp Ass

May this story bring back many memories from your childhood past to relive! Actually hopefully not, we don’t really want to relive this kind of stories.

Embarrassing Fitness Stories From the Locker Room

I was training with a friend after spending the day with her. We had already had a large meal at the local burger joint and then spent a couple hours at the mall blowing through our recent paycheques so that we could digest some of the food before hitting the gym. Neither of us were feeling too hot and our stomachs had that strange unsettled feeling. We decided to go against our gut feeling (HA!) and hit up the gym anyways. It was due time for a leg day so we suited up and headed over to the squat racks. Low and behold, there was fatefully one left empty for us.

The first 2 sets were fine. We did our warm ups and upped the weights a little bit. The third set was a little bit off, I felt that tingle signalling that I needed to visit the bathroom, but I brushed it off. I had 2 sets left and I wanted to finish them strong before taking a break. On my fourth set, I felt a warm rush in my nether-regions. As I eased back up on my last rep, it took all the energy that I had, and then I felt it. That warmth spread to the front and slowly made it’s way downwards towards my thighs. Let’s just end it at the fact that I’ll never be purchasing white workout shorts ever again.

Club Foot

This is definitely a cringe-worthy story so only read on if you’re strong of heart and you don’t cower at visualizing things.

Embarrassing Fitness Stories From the Locker Room

I was in the gym lifting some weights, typical Monday night doing the afformentioned internationally recognized chest day. I put a 25 lb on either side of the bar bell that I was using and got into the groove with my bench press. Finishing my second set, I decided that it was time to up some weight, so I grabbed a 10 lb and through it onto the barbell with the 25 lb. I pushed my way through my third set only to realize that upping the weight by a total of 20 lbs was way too much for me to handle, especially without a spot. So I decided to lighten up the barbell and go for 5 lbs on either side instead.

In the midst of changing up the plates, I noticed this hottie waking into the gym out of the corner of my eye. I missed the barbell completely when I slid the plate onto it and low-and-behold it dropped onto my foot. Surprise, surprise obviously he’d look over my way just at the moment as the weight was falling. Talk about bad luck. I barely even made it out of the gym alive due to both my humility and pain.

Free Show

Embarrassing Fitness Stories From the Locker Room

After I get of out the shower, I tend to enjoy dancing around a little bit to have some fun while I put on clothes. My locker happened to be stationed in front of a mirror and I looked around to check and see if anyone was looking before I started my routine. The locker room appeared to be empty. So I struck a pose in front of the mirror and started doing my thing.

You know that feeling you get when you take your bra after coming home from a long day at work? When your girls are dancing freely in the air, it’s absolutely fantastic. I turned up the music on my phone and changed the setting to speakers so that I could dance to some jams. And I can’t dance like that at a club so I gave it my all.

After about 30 seconds I heard a snicker from somewhere and freaked out so I hurriedly pulled on a pair of pants and threw on a sweater. I ran around looking for the culprit and saw someone from behind the mirror.

You know that when the lights are on, the mirrors become 2 way ones and people can see you on the other side right?“. Let’s just end it at that.

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