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Embracing your body image is possibly one of the hardest things that you can do. It’s hard to spend every day looking in the mirror, thinking you look a certain way, and then having to realize that that ugly, fat, wide-legged person you think you are, isn’t who you are.

In light of this ideology, the Destination Femme reached out to Billie Chiasson, fashion photographer and a woman with a very inspiring story of weight loss, moving from a size 12 to a 4. She shares with us how she overcame her struggles surrounding body image- and how she was able to channel that into her art.

Watch Billie’s Inspiring Femme Story Here.

Destination Femme Features Billie Chiasson

Billie, an ambassador for our philosophy on beauty, decided to collaborate with us on an exclusive editorial that would showcase beauty in a raw form- dedicated to embracing body image….


We define what we see on media as “beautiful”. It’s constantly like “Oh hey, Angelina Jolie is beautiful because she’s got those pouty lips and a stunning figure“.  We’re coerced into setting ourselves up for that high expectation. Fitting into those size 28 jeans and filling your eyebrows because Vogue says thick brows are beautiful. Since when did having to starve yourself so that your ribs show became beautiful? Since when did having a perfect clavicle mean so much to these girls at 16?

We get told everyday to be ourselves, yet people are constantly shoving these images in our faces. Be skinny. Be tall. Grow your hair long. Do your makeup. Wear these clothes. Wear these brands. Get surgery. BE YOU.

Where does being you even fit in this equation?


The sequence of images below is Billie’s attempt to define beauty.

“Make yourself feel beautiful in what way you can. You don’t have to change how you look — you just have to change how you feel. You are your worst enemy. Overcoming the battles inside your head will help you to understand how beautiful you really are.”

You Are You- Destination Femme 2You Are You- Destination Femme 3You Are You- Destination Femme 4You Are You- Destination Femme 5


Some words of inspiration from Billie herself, on how to truly live your life beautifully. 

[pull_quote_center]Spend day in and day out putting something beautiful into the world that other people are able to recognize and be inspired by.[/pull_quote_center]

Tell us:

What is it about “body image” that has us so uncomfortable and self conscious? Do you have an inspirational story?

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  1. I would like to see a woman do this who like me has overly stretched skin, a tummy pouch of loose skin, a whole pile of stretch marks and breasts that have lost a lot of firmness from 28 months of breast feeding and are only 30 I lost 2 and a half stone (35 pounds) and I get seriously annoyed at slim women without a blemish on their body talking about how hard it is to love themselves when I’ve managed to accept the way I look and not strive for surgery which is the only way of fixing it. Instead I just enjoy my daughters who are worth every little mark. Screw perfection it doesn’t exist as long as you’re doing your best who cares how you look.


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