Emojli is the Brand New Emoji-only Way to Chat


We’ve got Facebook chat, direct message on Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr messages, Twitter, KiK, WhatsApp, iMessage, BBM, and probably 50 other things I forgot to list. But, now, we also have Emojli.

It’s the latest app addition to the social media world – and if you didn’t guess it, it’s a forum for chatting with the use of only emojis.

You’ve probably used these creative symbols here and there in your messages with friends. You’ve probably also debated whether it really is a “prayer” emoji, or a “hi-five” (according to Emojli it means ‘praying’). The point is, we message with symbols all the time, but this app takes the usage of emojis to a whole new level. And yes, it’s kind of like Windings, but better.

As their slogan suggests, Emojli is about “No Words. No Spam. Just Emoji.”

With Emojli, the sign in and sign up buttons are emojis. Your username is written in only emojis. Your password is made up of emojis (good luck remembering that!). And, of course, your messages are composed of only emojis.



While both creators Matt Gray and Tom Scott agree  people may consider this “satire, [and] no one would actually make this thing. It’s not. And [they] have.”

Visually, Emojli looks like a simple-version of Facebook chat.

But if you’re completely confused about what some of the emojis on the actual layout mean, all you have to do is hold down on them for a couple seconds.

Note: That’s how I figured out the difference between sign in and register.

Currently, Emojli is only available to Apple iPhone and iPad users, but the company hopes to expand the app to Androids in the future.

Now, whether the app actually takes off will be seen. But people’s curiosity may just surprise you. It’s how Yo. gained its traction.

Tell us…

What do you think of this new emoji-only app? Will you try it out?

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