Emojis to Become More Racially Diverse

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Emojis are perfect in expressing just how you feel in that moment through smileys, images of food, or even a couple animals. However, while we can sometimes relate to the sassy salsa dancer or the praying (hi-fiving?) emoji, we are not ignorant to the fact, that well, emoji aren’t that diverse.

The iPhone emoji for instance incorporates gay and lesbian couples, but in terms of race, they have an emoji with the stereotypical “Asian eyes” and another with a turban. Where is the face that represents black people? Or Hispanic people? Frankly, where are all the other skin tones?

Well, that question is about to be answered.

And changed.

Introducing more colour

The people currently behind the emoji sets is known as the Unicode Consortium. They’re currently working on making changes.

Five skin tones will be available for emojis. These skin tones are based on the standard dermatology scale, the Fitzpatrick scale.

The variation will range from a pale-cream to a dark brown/black – with more skin tone ranges in between.

DF - Emojis

“People all over the world want to have emoji that reflect more human diversity, especially for skin tone. The Unicode emoji characters for people and body parts are meant to be generic, yet following the precedents set by the original Japanese carrier images, they are often shown with a light skin tone instead of a more generic (inhuman) appearance, such as a yellow/orange color or a silhouette,” says the Consortium.

Once in place, the colours would be applied to not just faces, but to the couples in the emoji set as well.

At the moment, the colours would apply to both people in the group, instead of just one (which, is a pressing concern about the lack of representation for interracial couples), but possible changes to that may be made as well.

The new standards are expected to arrive mid-2015.

In terms of the standard, Apple and Google aren’t expected to adopt the new emoji standards – but we all hope that yes they do.

 Tell us…

How do you feel about this colour update?

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