Ever Wondered What Cinderella Looks Like In Real Life?

Ever Wondered What Cinderella Looks Like In Real Life?

Since Disney feels the need to convert every single one of their animated movies into real action ones, we’ll finally be able to visualize what Cinderella would look like if she was a real person. Granted, it’s not necessarily a bad thing since it’s important for our future kids to grow up and become familiar with classical Disney movies. VHS anyone?

[quote_center]”Have courage and be kind.”[/quote_center]

Wise words of wisdom from Cinderella’s mother. We’re already all familiar with the whole story itself, so when the trailer basically retold it all from start to finish within the span of 2 minutes, we forgave the editors.

What we liked:

  • The adorably animated animals (mice and horses), that were brought to life by animators. Did you see that transformation scene where the mice turned into the horses? Adorable!
  • A white Helena Bonham Carter! After seeing her in so many dark roles, it was a little bit refreshing seeing her in a completely different role as well. And surprisingly, it fit her perfectly!
  • Cate Blanchett. Enough said. Just everything about her.
  • The costume design – even though many of the dresses were purposely designed to be tacky (stepsisters), everything else was designed so intricately and Disney-esque.
  • Robb Stark! Whenever we recognize actors from Game of Thrones we get ridiculously excited for no reason whatsoever at all!

What was disliked:

  • The cat on a leash. Like come on, who walks a cat?
  • The glass slippers. We know, we know, it’s an essential component of the story. But gawd! How uncomfortable do those glass shoes look? Can you imagine all of the bunions that have grown on Cinderella’s feet?
  • Cinderella’s cinder outfits. In the original animated movie, Cinderella was dressed in dirty dresses and garb that made her appear more like a servant. Even the dresses she wears when serving her step mother rivals those that I wear to events!
  • The fact that Disney is remaking every single one of their classics it seems. Come on now Disney, get creative and spit out another original movie instead of a remake please.

But since we grew up with this film in our repertoire, we won’t necessarily be able to control ourselves from going to the theatres just to see it. You’ll be sure to see us there in March 13, 2015.

[quote_center]Will you be watching Cinderella in the theatres?[/quote_center]

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