Everything You Need For Your Bar Cart


Everyone needs a bar cart. I don’t know about anyone else but after finding out where to buy one of these, I ran to get one right away. They are so handy and convenient for lawn parties in the summer or for a portable mini bar. It’s easier to clean up if you host it outside (no spilling on the carpets!) and great for mixing drinks if you don’t have your own bar at home.

We are here to help you with prepping for your first bar cart. A bar cart with nothing on it is no use to anyone, so we’re going to help you with your shopping list for the summer. Be ready to host a cocktail party!



The Essentials:

Cocktail Shakers (Walmart) – $26.93

Drinking Straws (anywhere) – $1-2

Cocktail/Martini Glass (Mikasa) – $16.99

Whiskey Glass (Amazon) – $36.00

Glass Ice Bucket (Bath & Beyond) – $9.99

Decanter (Bath & Beyond) – $24.99

We have the basic essentials: The things you will need to prep the drinks and make sure your friends are happy! In order to keep the liquor flowing, we need to be serving them out. Make sure to get a shaker that basically doesn’t leak. The bigger the better — if you’re looking to host a big party and serve multiple drinks at the same time. You can find a decently priced on at Walmart for $26. Tip: Keep it frozen in the freezer before mixing a drink to serve a frozen cool treat!

Drinking straws — people may not like drinking straight out of the glass, so keep straws handy for martinis!

Be sure to get different types of glasses for different types of drinks. You can serve cocktails and martinis in a martini glass, while you should serve bourbon, whiskey and harder types of liquor in a whiskey glass.

An ice bucket pretty much speaks for itself, but the glass one from Bath & Beyond is quite pretty and affordable!

Decanters are great for keeping wine. Keep one on your tray for those wine drinkers!


The basic alcohols we need are the following:

Vodka — great for all types of mixtures, as well as on its own. Grey Goose is one of the best brands of vodkas out there. For some easy ideas for mixing with Vodka, check out the Electric Lemonade, the Kamikaze, and the Vodka Lemonade.

Whiskey — A hard drink for all the men out there. There’s also various ways to mix your whiskey — check out 23 ways to mix your whiskey!

Wine — Either red or white wine goes great on its own for a summer party. Or you can add some fruits and turn it into a sangria.

Rum — Drink it straight up or mix it into tons of great drinks. Try a mojito, dark n’ stormy cocktail, or a Caribbean rum punch.

Gin — Who doesn’t love a dirty gin martini? Or a gin and tonic?

Tequila — Take shots of your favorite get-me-drunk alcohol with a dab of salt and a bite of lime. Or turn it into a Mexican bulldog!


Some of the most essential mixes will be: Orange juice, coca cola, tonic, and grenadine. These go with a variety of different liquors and have multiple uses. Other things you may consider adding or replacing include lemon/lime juice, cranberry juice, tomato juice, sprite, or ginger ale. Typically you’ll want something you don’t have to refrigerate often because you’ll more than likely be outside with your bar cart, so chose carefully. Drinks like cranberry juice need to be refrigerated frequently in order for it to not spoil, so make sure you have a container with plenty of ice on you!

As for condiments, the most essentials ones to get are lemon (or lime) for your tequila, tabasco sauce if you want to make a caesar, and salt for flavour!

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