As all of the retailers are launching their new collections for the season, KÄRV successfully secured Matthew Smith, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 participant, as its new face. We were granted an exclusive interview with him and got a chance to ask a couple of questions that were on our mind.

Exclusive Interview ft. Matthew Smith: The New Face of KÄRVKÄRV

Our Exclusive Interview with Matthew Smith:

What about KARV resonates with you?

Due to my recent work and launching pad, I am blessed to say that I have reached a point in my career where I am able to really choose if I want to work with a brand or not. I agreed to work with KARV really because of the people that work within the company. The attitude and vibe of the employees and most importantly Designer speaks volumes to me. If I jive with them it usually transcends to their style and brand. This is absolutely true to KARV, the people are awesome, and it shows in their clothing as well.

How has your past inspired what you’re doing now?

I always say that I don’t fight God with what he has in store for my life. When doors open, I believe that it is always for a reason, so I see it through. My life has been this way since day one. I never intended to be in the entertainment industry, and I never intended on being an “inspiration” for many around the world, but here I am, and I am absolutely grateful for this opportunity to share my views and passions with the world. Modeling allows me to have a creative outlet, and most importantly a chance to meet creative, fun people that I may not have otherwise.

Exclusive Interview ft. Matthew Smith: The New Face of KÄRV

Any tips on modelling for beginners?

The absolute most important part of modeling is being true to yourself. Modeling, acting is a roller-coaster of a journey. Like most careers, there are ups and downs, the trick to becoming successful is really finding out your essence and color and letting that shine through even in the toughest most nerve racking situations.

Which piece from the collection is your favorite?

I can’t say one article of clothing is more impressive than another. It’s the overall feel of each outfit and how it’s styled together that makes it really become something unique and special. I will say, however, that KARV’s fit is absolutely perfect with my sizes and body shape.

Who do you see wearing KARV?

I would definitely say KARV is urban. But I really picture a lot of extreme sport athletes specifically enjoying this brand.

Exclusive Interview ft. Matthew Smith: The New Face of KÄRV

How do you feel about being the face of the brand?

Its an absolute blessing to be represented as “The Face” of this brand. It provides a unique opportunity to really break into the Canadian industry which has been a goal of mine. I love Canada, and I also love KARV so all of this is really exciting for me. I have to give a BIG thank you to my wonderful Canadian PR Karine :).

Can you describe the KARV aesthetic in 3 words?

Wear This Brand 😉

How will you prepare yourself for the photoshoot on November 28th?

Preparation for a Campaign shoot is actually very intense if you take this career seriously. As a model you should ALWAYS keep yourself looking decent, but when you have prep time to really get at the top of your game, you need to take advantage of that time so that you really provide the best possible outcome on your end.

And that’s it! To see photos of Matthew Smith in KÄRV’s holiday collection, make sure to check out their website for their lookbook after November 28th. We can’t wait to see what expertise and tips Matthew Smith has picked up from ANTM and will bring to the studio!

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