A few months back, we brought to you an exclusive behind-the-scenes preview of Filthy Haanz’s new Spring/Summer 2015 collection: Bollywood Graffiti. Now we’re bringing to you an exclusive preview of the complete collection that was presented as a fashion show at The Rum Exchange.

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From what we saw at the intimate sneak peek, we were already swooning for all of the silks and the graffiti screen print that was being incorporated into the designs. Remember how we only got to show you guys 6 out of the 43 final pieces? Well this time we saw each and every design and let us say that without a doubt, we were completely blown away.

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The Bollywood Glamour aesthetic was instantly evident with the bright vibrant colors (which was absolutely coherent with the graffiti print) and silk textiles. All of the designs seemed to float over top of the models and glide through the air as they walked down the lounge’s pseudo runway. We were amazed by how well the entire collection tied together (which is sometimes not the case with new designers), and how perfectly tailored each of the pieces were to the models (also not always the case with new designers).

Exclusive Preview: Filthy Haanz SS15 - Bollywood Graffiti

Because Filthy Haanz’s demographic of choice was the 6PM-4AM crowd who enjoys partying it up in style, there were a myriad of pieces to suit whatever the occasion. We saw beautiful summer dresses, frilly bikinis, as well as maxi skirts with side slits high enough for you to imitate Angelina Jolie. There wasn’t much left to the imagination (except a warm destination) after that last look walked the runway paired with a mesh cropped top that was bedazzled in Swarovski jewels.

Trust us, we’re feeling just as impatient as you are, for having to wait till March before we can get our hands on Filthy Haanz’s new SS15 collection! In the meantime, feast your eyes on the designs, we know we are!

Who’s ready for some of Filthy Haanz’s Bollywood Graffiti?

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