Exposing the Teatox: Is It Worth It?

Exposing the Teatox: Is It Worth It?

Exposing the Teatox: Is It Worth It?

The teatox has been taking Instagram by storm having girls everywhere flocking to try out this new craze. As if their favourite Insta-celebrities advertising the tea wasn’t enough, the before and after pictures make the teatox look legit. Known teatox brands include Bootea, Tiny Tea, Skinny Teatox, Teatox, and Slendertox Tea. What is it in the tea that makes people lose weight? Does the teatox actually work though? Most of all is it worth your time.


Exposing the Teatox: Is It Worth It?

Teatoxes claim that they aid in weight loss without sacrificing your favourite foods. For $30-50 you can have toxins removed from your body, your skin cleared and even have your cellulite less visible! This is all made possible by natural and organic ingredients in the tea. These include: cinnamon, fennel, rooibos, ginger, Juniper berries, coriander, sage, turmeric, anise seed, and burdock root. What they don’t tell you is that there is most likely senna leaf inside. Senna leaf is a non-prescription laxative which is probably what’s helping with the ‘skinny-ing’ effect.

Exposing the Teatox: Is It Worth It?

Teatoxes are relatively safe, but it isn’t recommended that you go over the 28-days. Exceeding this time can create havoc on your liver. There are side effects. Teatoxes may cause nausea, minor breakouts and in extreme cases stomach cramping and diarrhea. This is due to irritation of the stomach lining.

Here’s an important side effect: Teatoxes can decrease the effect of your pill. If you take your birth control pill between 4-5 hours of consumption, you are at risk of having the pill lose its effectiveness. This goes for other medications at well, so check with your doctor.

Exposing the Teatox: Is It Worth It?

The teatox guidelines say that you gain the best results with exercise and a suggested list of foods to eat and avoid. Foods included on the list are high in fibre and protein. Foods that are excluded are relatively obvious foods high in sugar and saturated fats. So consuming the tea while exercising and eating healthy yields the best results huh?

You’re better off saving your money. The best results come from exercising and eating healthy. This is enough to help you lose weight. The tea really doesn’t have anything too special in it that actually make it a miracle tea. Realistically, the tea in teatoxes are just well-packaged and branded packs of Chinese and herbal teas.

Exposing the Teatox: Is It Worth It?

Lemon Juice and Cayenne Pepper Water – Lemon Juice is a natural diuretic. It acts as a detox for your body and cleans out the toxins. Cayenne pepper helps the circulatory system and aids digestion. Cayenne also changes your internal temperature meaning it can jumpstart your metabolism.

Green/Oolong/Yerba Mate Teas – All these teas are safer to drink because they most likely do not contain senna leaf. They are full of caffeine to keep you awake and energized, detox your body, and can boost your metabolism to help you lose weight. When getting your teas make sure you read the ingredients to ensure you know what’s going in there. You can safely consume these teas on the regular without worrying about irritating your stomach lining.

Have A Healthy Diet – If you want to lose weight, you must change your diet. No tea will magically help you to shed pounds. This means cutting out enriched grains and switching to whole grains. Cut out foods high in saturated fats such as cheese, butter, and fries (you shed a tear, didn’t you?) Consume foods high in protein and fibre such as fish, chicken, turkey, oatmeal, and flax. Also, avoid things high in sugar, so put down that chocolate (unless it’s 99% dark).

Remember, lots of water, a healthy diet, and exercising will help you reach your fitness goals. You don’t need the teatox to help you!

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  1. I’m currently trying the matefit teatox and I have not noticed any difference in energy or less bloating . Everyone on instagram raved about how great for bloating it is .

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for posting our link about the truth behind before and after pics!

    Just wanted to say that we generally agree with all your points, and it’s essentially why our founders started our company. You’re right in that there is no magic pill to make you lose significant amounts of weight in 14 days. That is why we include an e-handbook that outlines all components of a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, meditation, sleep, etc)–the tea is a vehicle to get in some herbs that assist your detox mechanisms and help jump start your metabolism. They include yerba mate and green tea while excluding senna and other laxatives.

    Hope this helps to clarify that not all teatoxes are created equal!

    With love and tea,
    The Teatox Company

  3. Hey,

    Great post.

    The Senna leaf is exactly why we developed PureMe Tea, which has no laxative ingredients.

    Obviously, the tea is not a miracle-worker, but it is part of an overall healthy style. At least PureMe Tea, is not only about the tea, it is about developing the person, her diet, her exercise, her health – her lifestyle.

    We are community that don’t see the people that acquire our tea as customer, but as family, and we take care of family.

    Thank you,
    PureMe Tea


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