What the…Facial Treatments from Around the World

Most of us probably can’t forget Kim Kardashian’s tango with her vampire facial treatment. Most of us probably, also, can’t forget the world’s reactions to her bloodied face.

However, while we may think Kim K may have been a little daring to attempt that (what’s wrong with an exfoliating scrub and some moisturizer?), these next few facial treatments come very close to the level of disturbance her treatment provided us.

Snail Facial

Snail beauty treatmentChilean snail farmers are the ones behind the discovery of snail slime for the skin! Science later finalized the slime contained elastin and collagen which give your face a youthful, plump look, along with moisturizing and soothing irritated skin. While some methods have a massage therapist rub the slime into your face, another method is to actually have three snails (that were sanitized beforehand) slither over your face.

Bird Poop Facial

No, this is not a euphemism for anything remotely happy. In Japan, geishas would use nightingale droppings to remove their make up, which would result in lustrous skin. Today, if spas offer this facial treatment the bird poop is sanitized UV rays and on occasion mixed with rice bran for extra exfoliation. If you need more incentive to try it, apparently the Beckhams are big fans.

Slapping Facial

This new craze, straight from Thailand, claims to tighten skin, shrink your pores, and lessen your wrinkles. The simple non-surgical method? A fast routine of pinching, slapping, and smoothing. While there’s not much scientific evidence on the benefits behind this facial treatment, it definitely gets the blood flowing. Clearly it’s true: beauty is pain.

Fire Facial

This facial treatment, from China, may be a little too hot to handle. During this treatment, patients’ faces are covered with alcohol-and-“Elixir”-soaked towels. The towels are then lit on fire – but removed before any burns occur! It’s believed this treatment speeds up cell regeneration, which helps the skin avoid dullness, sagging, and wrinkles.

Gold Facial

gold facial

Indulge in this 24-karat royal treatment, just like Cleopatra did. Thanks to Japanese company Umo Inc., gold facials have been in existence since 2006. This facial treatment is said to be anti-aging, fighting wrinkles and fine lines. It also makes your skin feel tighter and firm, avoiding sag. But, don’t expect it to benefit your wallet: depending on where you go for this treatment prices will range from $165 to $800!

Sperm Facial

This sounds ridiculous, gross, and may make you squirm in your seat, but this facial treatment is referred to, by some women, as a source for eternal youth. Apparently an ingredient in sperm (known as spermine) is great for clearing up zits. More importantly, it’s used for its antioxidants that help smooth out wrinkles. And if you think people might be crazy one grandmother swore by it, a Norwegian company sells it, and a New York spa offers it.

Tell us…

Which facial treatment shocked you the most? Would you try it out?

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