Fall Color Series: Emerald

Fall Color Series: Emerald

When I opened my curtains this morning, the first things I noticed were the following; the neighbours got a new puppy who is adorable and the colors on the trees in the front yard were… brace yourselves… a light hue of orange. That’s right, the fall season is way closer than we expected. I suppose this isn’t the worst thing that could happen because fall is pretty cool (pun not intended) and it gives us a reason to continue our fall color series.

Fall Color Series Part 2: Emerald

Whether Emerald is your birthstone (May girls, I’m talking to you) or whether you just like the color of freshly cut grass, Emerald is a beautiful jewel tone to transition into summer. Though some may call it Forrest Green, this shade is a fresh and bold color to bring you into fall. Not to mention it was the Pantone Color of the Year in 2013.

Emerald Dress-Up

Emerald Skirt with Outfit


Because Emerald is such a rich color, it is important to make sure it’s not overshadowed with bold accessories. This skirt is beautiful. It has an overlay of a forest like print which makes the texture quite unique. The skirt itself is a statement piece. We paired it with a white long sleeve crop top, black flats with straps, a cream statement necklace, and a Tory Burch crossbody. The delicate nature of the accessories adds to the simplicity of the entire outfit. So, how badly do you want this skirt?

Emerald Statement Piece

Green Statement Jacket


This jacket caught my eye immediately. Not only is it asymmetrical giving it a subtle addition of detail, but the high neck, the pockets, and the bottom cut gives a modern take to a military jacket. The strong jacket makes an edgy outfit extremely appropriate. We paired straight leg black pants and a white tank with a strapy heeled sandal. The earrings and Givenchy bag (which is Aubergine girls, our first color of our series!) give an extra toughness and edge. This outfit is for all the edgy girls who may be afraid to wear color. With a strong, statement piece like this, you can’t go wrong with keeping your tough look.

Emerald as a Pop of Color

Emerald as a Pop of Color


This is my favorite look of all of the Emerald ones. First of all this wide jacket from H&M (which you can buy now) is so cool and easy-going on its own. To keep the effortless vibe, we paired some Boyfriend jeans, a plaid scarf, and ankle booties, nothing special right? That’s when the bag comes in. This Emerald bag pulls the entire outfit together not only as a pop of color but as a balancing piece to the wide-set coat and jeans. Everything about this makes me wishes I had all of these in my wardrobe right now.

Don’t forget to check out the first part of our color series and stay tuned for the third coming this week!

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