Fall Fashion: How to Layer with Textures to Keep You Warm


Yipppeee! The time of the year that we can top on the layers and fabrics to stay bundled up and safe from the chill. It’s a great way to pull simple pieces from your closet and watch them compliment one another. It may become overwhelming when you’re piling on top of your clothes so here are some tips for staying warm while not looking like a polar bear. Happy layering!

1. Outer Layer

Ok, so my friends believe this is the mother of all old-lady clothes but I love it. So while I’m warm and toasty, you can wish you had this carpet all wrapped around you. I picked up mine at a thrift shop.

Fall Layering

If this isn’t your flavour, try leather. So sexy. It’s a great fabric for adding extra oomph to your look. When you feel down or want to look a bit more ultra feminine, try leather. Pants, skirt, jacket, it all works in the cooler seasons.

Fur? So fancy huh? Fur can be worn in many ways but the most popular is a coat. If it’s a bit too over the top for you, try a fur scarf that tones the entire look of fur down but at the same time gives you elegance. Don’t afraid of your wild side. Faux fur is always in style.

Fall Layering

2. Middle Layer

Try a sweater. It can be light-weight or cable knit, as long as you make sure your outer wear jacket isn’t bursting at the seams. You can even try a hoodie inside and pop the hood from out under your coat. This makes an instant boy-ish and more laid back style.

Fall Layering

3. Inner Layer

Flannel is not just for the prissy or hard working lumberjack. The plaid shirt is probably the easiest thing to layer. It can be tied around your waist when it gets too hot for a cute look. Other pieces to keep on hand are the high-low tees which are so easy to throw on over your leggings and hides the camel toe. Let your shirts collar peek through the sweater for a clean cut look.

Fall Layering

So I’m clearly getting my fall fashion inspiration from an Ikea catalogue with all the carpet like textures but it’s working out great so far. Although layering may make you feel chunky and heavy, it can look adorable and keep you snug. These ladies got layering down pat! Very eye-catching and so comfy. Whaddya think?

Fall Layering

 How do you layer your clothes to stay warm?

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