Here’s How to Fall in Love with Running

The health benefits of running and cardio should be enough to motivate you to tie your shoes, put on your gear, and head out the door. Sometimes that just isn’t the case. And with colder weather just around the corner the appeal of running outside is below zero.

However, with these tips and tricks you’ll be sure to fall in love with running even in the cold (and especially for all year round).

DF - PlaylistFit Radio

You probably already have a playlist filled with your upbeat music or hardcore rock tunes. But why not skip out on your typical faves and try out this new app? If you have no idea where to start when it comes to creating a cardio playlist, this app does it for you. All its song options are upbeat and all you need to do is pick a genre. With a single tap your killer playlist is right at your fingertips and you’re all set to fall in love with running (all over again).

DF - ZombiesZombie Apocalypse App

You’ve got your gear on, shoes tied, and headphones in – but if you’re getting bored of the same song list, with this creative app you can add a creative, interactive twist to your routine. Start off with a simple job, headphones in, but watch out because the zombies are coming for you! It’s an interactive way to outrun the zombies. With special sound effects and varying storylines you can transform your cardio session into a real-life episode of Walking Dead with you in the spotlight! If you’re easily frightened try to avoid doing your cardio at night. The more you run, the more items you get, the longer you’ll survive.

(And if a zombie apocalypse ever does happen, you know you’ll be fit and ready.)

DF - CMRTrain for a Color Me Rad 5K

You’ve probably seen those photos of your friends in white shirts covered in a range of pink, blue, orange, yellow and purple splashes. Running doesn’t have to be about running from something, it’s all about running to something. What better way to motivate yourself than by making a goal and trying to reach it? And a 5K with some friends that’s bound to make memories isn’t such a bad thing.

DF- ShoesBuy a new pair of shoes

Maybe you hate running because it hurts your legs, or your back, or your feet. (If you’re complaining because you’re out of breath, that’s supposed to be a good thing). But you can avoid a lot of pain if you just buy the right shoe for your foot, speed, and running in style.

You’ve heard of girls saying retail therapy is a godsend. It’s the same concept when it comes to athletic-retail therapy.  Getting a new wardrobe is one way to motivate yourself to want to run. Get fit and look good doing it.

Tell us…

How do you motivate yourself to work out?

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