What Your Favourite Sex Position Says About You


You love sex. Your partner loves sex. It’s a perfect combination. But are you more a freak in the sheets or an awkward starfish? We all have our preferences and our kinks, but what does your favourite sex position say about you?

DF - Missionary


You enjoy being taken care of. You’re probably also a romantic that enjoys the ‘staring-into-each-other’s-eyes-telling-him-you-love-him’ type of sex. You keep it simple and routine and you’re quite content with that.

But this can translate into two things: boring or lazy. If this is your favourite sex position, you’re too safe and deep down you’re scared you’re terrible at anything else. And let’s be real here: do you do anything? If you’re missionary is more of a starfish, good luck keeping your man pleased.


It’s a step up from missionary, but a fan favourite amongst romantics. If your favourite sex position is the spoon you want to feel connected to your partner in an innocent and intimate way. You like the cuddling and the warmth and feeling his heartbeat behind you. But just like missionary, maybe he’s doing more work, and that may get a little boring if your partner wants to get al little down and dirty.


You’re a people pleaser. You like making people happy and learn to compromise. But deep down you’re still a little insecure. So you may not be ready for anal, but you’re OK with doggie. So even if he’s going a little harder and it hurts just a little, or maybe he’s holding your neck or pulling your hair, you’ll take it because you know exactly that’s what he wants. This may be your favourite sex position even if it’s slightly degrading, but it’s still a win-win, all to make sure he knows the perfect girl’s already right at his fingertips (literally).

DF - Cowgirl


You are a go-getter. You’re confident, independent, and in control. Maybe you occasionally throw handcuffs in the mix. You’re slightly sadistic in your means of torture and controlling the pace, in this relationship you want to be wearing the pants. You just love showing off the goods (because you know how much he loves them) and making him want you. Truthfully you’re the jealous-slash-possessive type who’s going to make sure he never strays.

Reverse Cowgirl

If your favourite sex position is reverse cowgirl, yes you’re in control, you set the pace, and your guy probably thinks you’re a hardcore freak (much to his pleasure).

But deep down you’re probably insecure and a commitmentphobe. Maybe you’ve got more of an ass than you do tits. If your man is an ass man that’s great. But maybe you’re still not comfortable in your skin, maybe you think your breasts aren’t good enough, or maybe you can’t handle those intense and intimate staring contests.

DF - Wall

Pinned against a wall (or something vertical)

Whether it’s against a wall, a door, or in the shower, you just want to fulfill some steamy fantasy you ripped form the pages of an erotic or rom-com. Are you going for a record of christening the most places? If you’re the type who’s favourite sex position consists of vertical romps, you try-to-hard. You’ll do everything to make your partner think you’re fifty times better than sliced bread. Even if it means painful bruises the day after.

Tell us…

What does your partner prefer in bed?

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