Feeling Blah? Be a Proactive Mom At Home

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Being a full time mother is tough on the mind and body… you’re not a bad person for admitting that.

You just had a baby and you’re at home. Perhaps you had a job prior to the pregnancy, perhaps you’re on mat-leave, or perhaps you’ve decided to be a stay at home mom. Undoubtedly, you are super woman. We often underestimate the work that goes into being a mom. It’s tough work and it’s a huge life transition.

That being said, like any hard work, it’s draining- and it’s non-stop. You don’t get vacation days or sick days, and much of what you do is often expected and rarely acknowledged. It’s not unnatural to feel run down, like you’re losing yourself. We think much of it has to do with the fact that you’re doing so much for everyone else and not enough for yourself. Being a mother is fulfilling, no doubt- but sometimes, to quote Sex and the City “it’s just enough”. And you’re NOT a bad person for admitting it.

To help yourself out, find projects you can do from home. It will remind you that you’re not JUST a mother, rather a proactive mom. You know, because you’re also so many other amazing things beyond just a mom. We’ve come up with some ideas- some have worked for us, so perhaps they’ll help you as well. (not to mention the first actually became our job too) 

Being a proactive mom and feeling great about yourself will translate to your overall feeling about parenting!

1. Start up a blog/online shop

This is a great way to “work from home”- and even if you’re not making great money from it at first, it’s a great way to document your thoughts. Not to mention, it also creates a community for yourself. It’s social interaction… outside of ToysRUs and Walgreens.

Ironic Mom
www.IronicMom.com did it and we love what she has to say.

2. Make a scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a great creative way to document memories. You’ll find yourself making it a project that you can flip through and smile at- not just because it will be wonderfully decorated but because of the memories you forgot happened.

Photo courtesy of rememberwhenscrap.blogspot.com

3. Brush up on your knowledge

Whether it’s a new hobby you want to learn, a new skill you want to hone, or random interesting facts… learning will always make you feel on top of the world. Plus, you’re setting a great example for you little one.

Mom reading
Photo courtesy of sheknows.com

4. Start a club

This is an awesome way to connect with others, share in an interest, and feel more alive. We’ve found that starting a neighbourhood mommy club is a great way to find others who are going through the same hurdles as you. In theory it can be whatever you want though!

Moms Club
Photo courtesy of jackandlily.com

5. Create an innovative “garage sale” occurrence

Online spaces like Ebay, Kijiji, and Craiglist are great places for you to sell your old stuff- perhaps knick-knacks around the house that you don’t need anymore or even things your children have grown out of. It’s a fun way to make back some money!

Ebay Moms
Photo courtesy of ebay.com


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