10 Crazy Facts About The Female Orgasm

The mysterious and (sometimes) elusive female orgasm- decoded.

The orgasm is a wonderful thing!  Whether it was achieved with a partner or solo, it can reduce period cramps, relieve stress, and feel fantastic.

While men’s orgasms are rather straight forward and much easier to achieve, the female orgasm is full of mystery and can take quite a bit of effort.  If you are looking to become more in tune with your anatomy, or just looking to improve on your experiences, we have 10 interesting facts about the female orgasm that might help you out!

10 Facts About the Female Orgasm

1) Women can experience 3 different types of orgasms.  The clitoral orgasm is the most common and the easiest for most women to achieve, but there is also the vaginal orgasm, and the combination (clitoral and vaginal).  Also, remember that as women, we are able to have multiple orgasms in a row.  I guess that’s to make up for the whole period thing.


2) Some women have orgasms while working out, by playing with their nipples, and even while giving birth.

3) For women, foreplay is not optional.  10-20 minutes of foreplay are required for a woman to reach her peak! So tease, taste, and play longer, ladies!


4) Most women find it easiest to get off by either oral sex or masturbation.  Unfortunately, vaginal orgasm is hard to achieve because it lacks the clitoral stimulation that feels so (so so so so soooooo) good.

5) The average female orgasm is 20 seconds long, with contractions every 0.08 seconds.  Do kiegel exercises off-the-clock so that you can have stronger orgasms!

6) Certain ab workouts can give you a coregasm. Try it for yourself and see if it works! Maybe wait for a time when the gym is a little less busy.

7) Some (amazing) women can orgasm simply by thinking about it.  Mentally induced orgasms might take longer, but all you need to do is imagine Ryan Gosling licking his way up your freshly shaved legs to get started…


8) Over 60% of women admit that they have faked an orgasm.  I have a feeling that this number is actually a lot higher!

9) Studies show that women in relationships are significantly more likely to climax then women who are just hooking up.  Take home lesson? If you orgasm with someone during a hookup, they might be worth taking home!

10) Stress can stop you from orgasming! Super stressed women have lower arousal levels then women who are stress free.  Whatever it was that was stressing you out, it isn’t worth missing out on an orgasm! So try to forget about it until later.

So tell us:

What helps you have your best orgasms?

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