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Last night, we invited some major influencers out to a party to celebrate the holidays and todo your usual gift giving. We held our holiday #FemmeNightOut party at Moroco Chocolat, because girl, you know it ain’t a party without some chocolate. Did we mention that they’re also known for their fondue? Double whammy! All of our lovely ladies arrived right on time and we got the party started with some delectable appetizers mixed in with some light chit-chat. Events like these are always a blast because there’s always bound to be at least one person that you won’t know, and what can be better than meeting new friends?

#FemmeNightOut - A Holiday Soiree

After all of the ladies got a chance to get to know each other, the food came out and boy were we all satisfied. Nothing cures a hungry stomach more than some deliciously gourmet macaroni and cheese, tuna tartare, lamb and chicken skewers, and veggie wraps. With plates filled, we moved onto the info-session of the night, where we introduced the ladies to Destination Femme and its platform. Keep an eye out for some exciting collaborations that we’re anticipating in the near future! We can’t wait to see the amazing content that’ll be coming your way soon.

#FemmeNightOut - A Holiday Soiree
#FemmeNightOut - A Holiday Soiree

Food and news aside, we got to the fun part – presents. As noted by one of the girls “there’s nothing better about Christmas than stealing”. We don’t advocate that you ransack stores for your Christmas presents, but do play the gift exchange game known as Kris Kringle. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s time to brush up on your party trick repertoire. This will be the only time that stealing is condoned! And theft definitely was abound for the entire night! Who knew that snow globes and candles were in such high demand. These two home decor pieces were so popular that the gals started getting strategical when determining how to get their coveted presents back after someone had stolen them away.

#FemmeNightOut - A Holiday Soiree

After some fairly heated competition, everyone settled down with their goodies and took part in our holiday photobooth. We grabbed a couple of adorably festive props befitting of the holidays and snapped up as many photos that we could before our time was up. Rest happy because as the fantastic event planners we are, all of the attendees were swagged out with goodies from our new shop!

Curious as to what we gave our lovely ladies at our holiday party?

#FemmeNightOut - A Holiday Soiree#FemmeNightOut - A Holiday Soiree#FemmeNightOut - A Holiday SoireeMake sure to visit our shop to get yourself some of the ridiculously comfortable and punny “goal digger” sweatshirts before the temperature drops too low! We also gave each girl a set of beauty products sponsored by Phoenix Beauty Lounge, 6 cake pops generously donated by Olivia’s Cake Pops, as well as a beautiful ring gifted by Mejuri.

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