Fictional Foods We Wish Were Real

Fictional Foods We Wish Were Real

The thing about imagination is that there’s no limits. Fiction is the direct product of just that. I think that’s what makes these fictional foods so amazing. They’re so imaginative and different, and impossible for us to actually ever get our hands on in real life. These fictional foods exist in their universe and are so extraordinary because they’re not limited by money or real world physics. Here are the top fictional foods we wish were real!

1. Willy Wonka’s 3-Course Meal Gum

Fictional Foods We Wish Were RealOf all the fantastical goodies that are produced in Willy Wonka’s factory, his 3-course meal gum is perhaps the most out of this world. For those that don’t know, this 3-course gum made its debut in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s a gum that you can keep chewing and it’ll introduce the flavours of three courses. First, tomato soup. You can feel it “trickling down your throat”. Then roast beef. And finally blueberry pie. Um, awesome?!

This fictional food is the perfect solution for when you’re “too busy to eat”.

2. Krabby Patty

Fictional Foods We Wish Were RealI don’t think there’s anybody in this world that doesn’t want to experience the infamous magic that is a Krabby Patty. What is it about this fictional food that makes the citizens of Bikini Bottom so darn addicted? The secret recipe that Plankton so zealously covets?

That episode when Squidward tries his first Krabby Patty and immediately becomes obsessed? Diving around the Krabby Patty vault eating until he (literally) exploded? The glutton inside us all covets the wonder that is Krabby Patties.

3. Lembas Bread

Fictional Foods We Wish Were RealThe king of all magical fictional foods: the elfish lembas bread. Though it’s called “bread,” it’s more like a wafer or a cake. And its properties are divine: refreshing, wholesome, and highly nutritious — one bite is often enough. In the Lord of the Rings, whenever Sam and Frodo ate some, they’d immediately feel a lift in spirits. For weeks, this was the only sustenance the two lived on.

This mystical fictional food’s recipe is a closely guarded traditional secret amongst elves. And if Legolas ate it, we want some too, am I right?

4. Fizzing Whizzbees

Fictional Foods We Wish Were Real


Have you ever wanted to fly or levitate? Well fizzing whizzbees are a candy from the world of Harry Potter that makes you float. They’re large sherbet balls that you can suck that will give you the coveted ability. They’re sold at Honeydukes, the special kid’s dream wizarding candy shop from Hogsmeade. Also, this fictional food was the password to Dumbledore’s office for a while. Pretty cool!


5. Sploosh

Fictional Foods We Wish Were Real

The fictional food “Sploosh” is the breakthrough peach product that turned Zero from a poor homeless delinquent to successful businessman in Holes by Louis Sachar. It’s made from fermented spiced peaches and has the consistency of goo. Though that may not sound appetizing, it’s supposedly wonderfully sweet and fruity. And who doesn’t like peaches? This was the substance that Zero survived on for days in the dessert.



6. Butterbeer

Fictional Foods We Wish Were RealWhat would this list be without a mention of the infamous butterbeer? In Harry Potter, this drink is served both hot and cold, and is described as sweet, warming, and wonderfully frothy. It’s always the drink of choice, after the third book, where it was first introduced, and seems to be universally loved.

A lot of people have tried to replicate butterbeer, like in Harry Potter world, or at Starbucks but it’s a drink that we can never really know, which only adds to its allure.


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