Fifty Shades of Frozen Trailer

Fifty Shades of Frozen Trailer is a mash up of a girl/woman’s favourite things right now, the adorable animated sing-a-long childrens film and the highly anticipated and sexual Fifty Shades of Grey film. The parallels that this mash up draws on is quite creepy. We can hear the Disney conspiracy theories circulating already. You will probably never be able to look at Frozen the same way ever again. Or you’ll be reminded about your favourite animated princesses when you watch Fifty Shades of Grey, that kills the mood doesn’t it?

We are still trying to fathom what just happened. I think Elsa and Anna are pretty grown up now… The trailer still retains the same sort of intensity the original Fifty Shades of Grey trailer possess, which makes it that much more creepy. If people respond too well to this trailer,  it won’t be very long before all of our favourite Disney films are turned into these erotic animated films.

We do have to give credit to Transceant Violeta for this incredibly creative and perfectly pieced together mash up. The scenes, music and everything seemed seamlessly put together. But they may have also just ruined the biggest Disney hit for us in a long time. Instead of our favourites: “Let it go”, “First time in forever” and “In Summer” it was replaced with an intense cover of “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce.

We are not sure if this is interesting or borderline insanity yet, you be the judge. But here are some responses on YouTube right now:




Do you like this mash up or is it distasteful?

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