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Getting sneak previews are basically the best thing ever. And it’s a good thing that it isn’t illegal like getting stock market tip-offs or else we’d so be jailed instantly for this. Fortunately for us, we’re allowed to share with you (our ever loyal readers), a super early media preview of Filthy Haanz’ SS15 collection. This media preview was so early in advance that Filthy Haanz hasn’t even had the chance to shoot their lookbook yet! Out of the total 25 looks that spans 43 garments, we only had the chance to touch and see 6 of the final products. We don’t know about you, but exclusive invites to pre-media viewings always has us buzzing with excitement. And when a media preview is coupled with an invitation to have high tea, you know the answer – sold!

Filthy Haanz SS15 Preview

Wilber Tellez, the Creative Director of Filthy Haanz, has tapped into a less ventured demographic in order to cater to the 6PM-4AM crowd as opposed to your typical 9AM-5PM. He designs with a resort aesthetic in mind after noticing a hole in the North American market for that niche. We live in a time where young and sucessful jet setters need something that they can wear to a dinner party after working downtown that can also translate well into the afterparty. For those who liken themselves to the Gossip Girl clique and like to live in the limelight, Filthy Haanz’s untamed sophistication is perfect to that work hard, play hard lifestyle.

Launching the resort line last year at the Design Exchange, Wilber’s last collection was a Dirty Disco Glamour theme. This season Filthy Haanz has taken a different approach and their inspiration is centered around Bollywood Graffitti. The SS15 collection emphasizes Bollywood glamour while blending in the raw aspect of graffitti into it’s designs. The outcome was a very interesting and beautiful palette of white and gold as a base which is then accentuated with splashes of hot pink, green/yellow and sky blue.

Filthy Haanz SS15 Preview

With breezy cuts and silhouettes, Filthy Haanz’s designs are made with a conscious thought to fit anyone who wants to dress up boldly. If you’re afraid of the bright colors or worry that they’re only for the younger crowd, think again. You don’t have to live the party life just to wear these pieces. Filthy Haanz’s collections are designed with a resort aesthetic in mind too. Think warmer climates where bright flowers are blooming and the soft ocean wind is blowing in your face. Yup, brights and neons fit perfectly right into place.

And because this collection is for the upcoming spring and summer, swimwear pieces will be available for purchase as well. In fact if you think about it, there’s almost every garment concievable in the collection. Filthy Haanz’s SS15 collection is meant to be a lifestyle collection that’s both sophisticated and playful and won’t sucker punch you in the bank.

At $100 for basics and $900 for leathers and higher-quality materials, you’ll be able to find affordable pieces such as swimwear, shorts, pants, T-shirts, blazers and even cocktail dresses. And if the quality of fabric doesn’t quite justify the cost to you, everything is handstitched and cared for in detail. You won’t be purchasing mass-produced pieces that your co-worker already probably owns.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on some of the pieces from this beautiful collection, Filthy Haanz’s SS15 collection will be available on their e-commerce site as well as in Montreal and various specialty shops across Canada coming March of 2015.

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