Fitness Accessories To Make Your Workout Less Basic

Trendy Fitness Accessories

Trendy Fitness Accessories

If you’re anything like me, you show up at the gym with your workout gear on, your headphones and a plan of attack. Sometimes you’ll look around the gym and there’s a ton of gadgets and accessories that people are using; some of their own, some belonging to the gym, and some that you don’t even recognize!

To me, going to the gym was always just about using my body, my will power and the equipment provided. Nowadays there are so many other little things that can help you succeed. Fitness accessories are everywhere and are the hot new trend targeting all you health nuts out there. Here are a few of the trendiest ones I have noticed in the past year and are getting to be more and more noticeable at your local gyms.

Foam Rumble Roller

Typically these bad boys are spread out across your gym strategically where you go to stretch. Why? These little accessories (gifts from the fitness gods) are truly the best thing for aching, tired, over-worked muscles. It’s like a massage, but no body is under a sheet! They were designed to mimic thumbs or hands, digging into your muscles to release tension. They come in all sizes, they can be smooth, hard, or even with little foam knobs to help with your myofascial tissue release. Normally you will sit, lay, or linger across a foam roller to help muscles heal after a long and tough workout; hence their placement on the mats where you stretch.


Instead of rushing out to buy this accessory for yourself, try it at your gym to see the difference it makes on your muscles after a kick-ass workout. You may just like it and pick one up for yourself, or you may end up deciding that you didn’t need it as much as you thought you did!

Trendy Fitness Accessories

Interval Counters

Many people I see when I look around my gym are looking at their watch or smart phone after every set of exercises they do. Sometimes they even have these little beeper-type things attached to their belts, why? Interval counters and interval counter App’s are a different way to look at your work out all together. Instead of counting how many reps of one exercise you do, time it and lose the counting reps all together.

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With an interval timer you can set it to whatever you like, time wise, and focus on more correct movements rather then how many of one movement you think you can do. Think about it; when you know you have to get through to 40 squats per set, does your 30th squat look and feel as good as your 5th squat? Think about using a timer and just moving through the reps correctly instead of just moving through them quickly. This tiny accessory might be the best fit for you if you want to improve your form.

Trendy Fitness Accessories

All-in-One Bags

OK maybe this isn’t out on the gym floor but you will definitely see these guys in the locker room. Sometimes you have to hit up the gym before and/or after your workday and let’s face it; you need stuff for your meals and snacks for the day and also all your clothes and necessities for looking half put together. You also need somewhere to keep all of this stuff!

There are so many “all-in-one” bags out there on the market now that can house all the stuff you will need to stick to your fitness routine based around your busy life. Some bags even come with all the containers you need to put your meals and snacks into and you wouldn’t even notice, they just fit right in! This fitness accessory helps support your healthy life style- you don’t need 3 bags to leave the house for the day; instead you have one bag that will help you get the job done all around. So although this isn’t necessarily a gym accessory, it’s definitely an item that’ll help you with your fitness journey!

Trendy Fitness Accessories

Sometimes all it takes is that little extra accessory to make your life easier. Maybe it’s just a bag, muscle relief or a new way to count your intervals that’s all that it will take to help you succeed this year!

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