Five Things You Need To Tell Your Gynecologist


Let’s be real, it can’t get any more awkward than this. I mean, your legs are already up in the stirrups and apart from your gown, your vagina is all out in the open, ready for your gynecologist to see. Now is not the time to beat yourself up over the fact that you forgot to shave and clean things up down there. There are bigger issues at hand here.

It’s time to put your pride aside and get serious about your reproductive and sexual health. Remember, your gynecologist has seen it all, so now isn’t the time to be shy. Here are five things you need to tell your gynecologist on your next appointment:

How many sexual partners you’ve had.

Whether you’ve had a wild couple of months or continue seeing your boyfriend of over a year, let your gynecologist know. Don’t  lie about your number, save the modesty for your mother. Telling your gynecologist how many sexual partners you’ve had in the last 12 months can help you receive better individualized care. Even if they don’t ask you, mention it to them. Remember,  your gyno has heard and seen it all so don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed of disclosing your sexual past with them.

If you’ve had unprotected sex.

Even if it just happened that one time, you need to mention it to your gynecologist. Even if everything appears to be all good down there, you may be carrying an STD and not even know it.  STDs like chlamydia, HPV,  and gonorrhea can be asymptomatic or show no symptoms until months later. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so get checked out especially if you had unprotected sex with a partner with an unknown sexual past.

If you can’t orgasm.

If you’ve been struggling to climax recently or have never had an orgasm before, let your gyno know. You might have an underlying medical issue that needs to be addressed or you might have unconsciously created a mental barrier that prevents you from “coming.” This is actually a lot more common than you might think so don’t be afraid to discuss any of these concerns. Sometimes it’s as easy as referring you to another doctor or specialist or getting some tests done to figure out what the problem is.

If your vagina looks different or smells funky.

Ladies, it’s extremely important to know what your vagina looks like. Why? In case something strange starts showing up, you’ll know. So if you don’t know what your vagina looks like, when you go home I suggest you get a mirror and befriend it right away. It’s your body and your property, so it only makes sense that you know what it looks like.  So with that being said, if you notice your vagina looks different (i.e warts or rashes start to appear) that can be a sign of an STD. Also if you notice your vagina is emitting an unusual funk, that can also be a sign of an infection.

If your period hasn’t been consistent.

Inconsistency can mean a number of things. If your period starts getting spotty, heavier or lighter than usual, bring it up with your gyno. It can be because of an infection, hormonal imbalance or plain ol’ stress.

The bottom line here is: be honest about your sexual health. If you want to receive the best possible health care, you need to be honest about your sexual past, and let your gynecologist know about any pain or symptoms you may be experiencing. Also don’t forget  to update them on any new medications you’re taking. Your gynecologist is there to help you, so feel free to bring up any concerns you have regarding your health and sex  life. Until then, if you plan to get some lovin’ play it safe.

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