Flying Solo: Ten Reasons Why Travelling Alone Is The Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

You work 9am-5pm, sometimes longer. Two-day weekends just aren’t cutting it anymore and vacationing at the cottage is getting a little old. Time for a change of pace! Now might be the time to take a break and go travel. Problem?  No one will go with you. Everyone has conflicting schedules and by the time you’re actually able to coordinate something you realize you’ll be getting that much needed vacation eight months from now. Maybe it’s time to take a leap of faith and travel by yourself.

Sure, the world can be a pretty terrifying place. But with proper planning and precautions, you’ll realize travelling alone can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Why flying solo is awesome:

1. You’re your own boss. Every other time you’ve travelled with family or friends, you’ve always had to coordinate and compromise based on where people wanted to go and what they wanted to do. But when you’re on your own, you can do whatever you want. You make your own itinerary and you can break it whenever you want!

2. Meet new people. Travelling on your own forces you to make friends, mingle and perhaps meet a cute foreigner along the way. If you’ve seen Under the Tuscan Sun, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

3. Appreciate the great service. Hotels and restaurants tend to give solo travellers a little extra love. So don’t be surprised if you get a free room upgrade or some wine on the house. Why do they do this? Usually because they admire your sense of adventure and want to be a part of making your trip the best it can possibly be.

4. No make up, no problems. You’re on your own discovering the world, don’t be afraid to leave your make up bag behind sometimes. Just as you embrace new foods, new cultures and new worlds, consider embracing your natural beauty as well.

5. You can indulge in all things delicious. Culinary foodies can rejoice to this one. You can eat whatever want and you won’t be judged.

6. A chance for self discovery. There’s something about travelling alone that’s very empowering. It takes you out of your comfort zone, forces you to be independent and extremely organized. It gives you the chance to get comfortable with being by yourself and helps you embrace the unknown.

7. The great story telling opportunity. Think of all the funny, silly, and embarrassing stories you’ll have to share when you get back! And the best part? All those stories are uniquely yours and yours alone. Your trip will leave you will lots of incredible memories and stories you’ll be telling your grandchildren some day.

8. Soak in the freedom. For the first time in your entire life, you’re completely free! That’s free to eat whatever you want, do whatever you want and do whomever you want. Just remember to play it safe.

9. The world is your classroom. The number one reason why anyone wants to travel is to get to know places, people and culture outside their own home country. You’ll be doing this everyday you’re out and about at your desired destination. Everyday you’ll be learning about that country’s history, language, customs and people. By the time you get back your mind will be exploding with knowledge from all your travels.

10. Home is where the heart is. Sometimes we like to get lost just so we can find our way back home again. Travelling alone sometimes help you gain a greater appreciation for the country you were brought up in and all the people who make it up.

Happy travels, ladies. No matter where the road takes you…


Tell us:

Have you ever travelled alone? Was it a positive experience?



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