Food & Drink Finder Apps You Need

Food & Drink Finder Apps You Need

It’s Friday and tonight it’s your turn to choose the restaurant for your Girls Night. You want appys and drinks, but not a family chain restaurant. You don’t want to use Urban Spoon because it’s overdone…so what the hell do you use?

Here are 7 food and drink finder apps that will provide you with options:


Food & Drink Finder Apps You Need


You’re already downtown. You were fifteen minutes late for your reservation and now they have cancelled it. What will you do? Well OpenTable has you covered. Within seconds you can find open tables to restaurants near you. The map is interactive so you can find where you want to eat and if it looks suspicious. Read reviews from other people and find a place to eat based on cuisine and price filters. If you plan ahead as well you can manage your resos and receive confirmation e-mails and directions.

Happy Hour Finder

Food & Drink Finder Apps You Need


Need a drink after work? Just use this app to find happy hour specials in your area. Filter your choices to find free Wifi, live entertainment, patios, pitches, and rooftops. This app will help you locate food and drink specials in over 100 cities across America. When choosing a restaurant, you can view the menu, amenities, and reviews.


Food & Drink Finder Apps You Need


Foodspotting answers your urgent questions from where you can find the best lasagna to finding out what’s good at a certain place. This app is for the foodie at heart. It allows you to take pictures and post them to the app sharing them with other users. You can narrow down your searches to finding the best dishes in a given area. It’s great for people who are more visual as pictures are provided for the dishes you look up. This app is more for choosing the best of specific foods rather than restaurants. A downside to this app is that it does not allow negative reviews.


Food & Drink Finder Apps You Need

This app is amazing because it lets you book reservations and find restaurants nearby where you can save money. The app offers discounts to different restaurants so that you don’t have to pay full price for your meals. Just choose when and where you want to dine and you’ll get quick money saving results.


Food & Drink Finder Apps You Need

I guess when you drink you’re kind of networking? DrinkedIn provides locations of happy hours around you. Read reviews, directions, and specials. You’ll also be able to get discounts through BarDeals by DrinkedIn so you can drink more for less. This app covers and extensive network of 150,000 worldwide. This app also acts as a mixology guide, offering 9000+ drink recipes for you to try.

Food Network on the Road


Food & Drink Finder Apps You Need

Raise your hand if you’re addicted to Diners, Drive Ins and Dives? That’s what I thought. This app gives you nearby restaurants that have been featured on DDD, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, The Great Food Truck Race, Cupcake Wars, Giada’s Weekend Getaway and other mouthwatering shows. You can filter by show, city, chef, cuisines and best of lists. Planning a roady? Food Network has you covered with this app. You can plan your destinations and find places along the way.



Food & Drink Finder Apps You NeedFoursquare personalizes your experience for you by asking your preferences and setting filters. Find restaurants by location. Read reviews and see pictures of the food. A plus about FourSquare is that often if the place does not have free Wifi, users who have obtained the password usually give it to you. Foursquare provides you with personalized results, filtering out one’s you don’t want.



Food & Drink Finder Apps You Need

UrbanDaddy┬áis truly engaging as it asks you multiple questions to find out your mood and what you feel for. After, the app finds selections that match your criteria based on ambiance, food, and company. It is truly easy to use and has a sexy feel. It provides you with names of restaurants as well as their contact info, menus and reservation options. This app is cool because it doesn’t have basic questions, but rather a suggestive tone to it.


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