Foods You Need to Try in Melbourne, Australia

We all know that every country has its own set of cultures, people, languages, and especially food. Australia is no exception to that. Home to kangaroos, koalas, the Sydney Opera House, the outback, and the birthplace of Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, this country has made its mark on the Western world.

Melbourne, Australia (side note: it’s pronounced mel-bin, not mel-born) is considered the country’s food capital of the country. Pick from Australian delicacies (like emu and crocodile), try the Korean or Japanese, or even indulge in the fine dining and amazing pastries.

But whatever your fancy, we found four foods Australia offers that you have to try.

 1. Vegemite


Think of it as a Nutella spread that tastes the furthest thing from Nutella. Vegemite is a sandwich spread made up of yeast. If you’ve ever drank beer before, it has a very similar taste to it. When spreading it on your slice of toast, you only need a small amount. Locals advised that a wallop of Vegemite the size of your finger nail was enough for you.

It’s an acquired test for sure, but Australians live off of this stuff. While foreigners may not find it the most appetizing sandwich spread out there, Australians are seen eating the spread in spoonfuls.

The way we ate Vegemite was with a thin spread of butter, then a spread of Vegemite, then a layer of cheddar cheese. The cheese helped mask the taste just a little.

And while most people may tell you how disgusting their experiences with Vegemite was, it’s an experience you just need to try when down under.

2. Kangaroo Burger


These cute creatures can be seen in most zoos, but in Australia they’re considered squirrels, eating the grass and crops in their suburban and rural backyards. Don’t be surprised if you’re walking down the streets of Melbourne and find offers to eat kangaroo.

You can find this kangaroo burger at the Queen Victoria Market (side note: one of the largest outdoor markets in Australia), with a handful of stalls selling the option.

While it may sound like an odd thought to eat a kangaroo, the meat itself isn’t too bad. It’s pretty gamey in terms of its taste – the flavour could be associated as if it were cooked over a campfire – and the meat wasn’t too difficult to chew. Add some ketchup and it was almost like eating a beef patty.

3. Doughboys Donuts


At the 7-Elevens in Australia, you can easily find a Krispy Kreme donut. Save the franchise brand you can get in North America and head over to Doughboys Donuts. It’s located in the Queen Victoria Market as well, but get there before the flavours run out. It isn’t fresh for nothing.

While you may have seen Tim Hortons, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Krispy Kreme’s interesting flavours, Doughboys stands out own its own. Flavours vary on different days, but these donuts are interesting with options like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Earl Grey (think Earl Grey icing, raspberries, and oranges), Pistacho, and even one that incorporates pork!

4. Meat Pies


Meat pies are a popular thing in Australia. Think meat-pot pies but with a whole bunch of flavours for breakfast, dinner, or lunch! Personal favourites are the classic Beef Mince and Chicken and Mushroom.

The franchise Pie Face even started in Australia, so you could eat your favourite meat pies on the go! You can find most Pie Faces on main streets in Melbourne’s downtown core.

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