5 Foods That Fight PMS

The monthly interruption of cramps, cravings, and crying is probably the most annoying part of being a female. Add that to the amount of chocolate we eat and the ice cream tubs we devour, and we’re faced with a monthly issue of “leave-me-alone-in-bed.”

But while you and your symptoms may not be the best of friends, and while you may have other means to having a happy period, here are five foods that fight PMS.

DF - BeansBeans

Women who tend to experience PMS are more likely to have lower levels of magnesium in their diet. To avoid this, try eating beans before your period arrives. Magnesium in general is great at reducing water-retention and helps regulate your serotonin which helps you “feel good.” They may be tiny, but they pack quite a punch when trying to fight PMS.

DF - ChickpeasChickpeas

Skip out on the bag of chips and grab for some chickpeas (or hummus) instead. Chickpeas are known to have three nutrients: magnesium, Vitamin B6, and manganese. This is a food that fights PMS especially your irritability, depression, and breast tenderness.

DF - OystersOysters

Ever have one of those periods that just have heavy flows and a ton of cramps? If you want to avoid this for your next period, try to incorporate more iron into your diet. Your best source for that  Although red meat may not be the best source of iron, lean meats and especially oysters are. Similarly it’s a great source of iron and because you’re losing some of the iron in you body this is a great way to replenish.

DF - BananasBananas

If you have trouble sleeping reach for some banana to help you feel better. This is one food that fights PMS because it helps stop it before it happens. While research suggests that prior to our periods sleep disturbance and insomnia are common, the solution is simple. Bananas are known to have melatonin which is a sleep-aid hormone.

DF - KaleKale

You can now add yet another benefit to having kale in your diet. If PMS causes an outbreak of acne on your face (and we all know how unwanted that is), make sure to eat this leafy green that is packed with Vitamin A. This is a food that fights PMS, and with these kale recipes you can fight dry skin and pimples before they even happen.

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What foods do you eat to fight PMS?

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