Lonely? Send Your Heartbeat Via Pillow Talk

If you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship you know the constant struggle of feeling loneliness and distance come in the way of your relationship. You’ve felt the emptiness and coldness in your bed, you’ve felt the ache to be with each other, you’ve felt those days that just drag on forever.

You’ve probably also been privy to a came of cat-and-mouse when it comes to trying to Skype or FaceTime.

Well, that’s all about to change – thanks to this new invention.

And this is where Pillow Talk comes in


With Pillow Talk, users, no matter the distance, are able to listen to the realtime sound of their lover’s heartbeat. A wristband, placed on both users, will transmit the sound via Bluetooth to Pillow Talk’s app (because, let’s be real, what doesn’t have an app these days?).

And if you want an even more intimate experience, users can purchase the Pillow Talk pillow speaker, plug his or her headphones in, and feel like they’re really lying on your lover’s chest.

Joanna Montgomery started Pillow Talk as a university project in 2010, and with its 43,000 Facebook fans and 45,000 mailing list sign-ups in 2012, she wants to make her idea a reality.

“I studied interaction design at university and I was looking at how humans interact with technology — and with each other, using technology. I realised that other than actually having a phone conversation, everything else involves a screen and that sucks,” she says.

“What we’re trying to do in the long run is change the way people use technology to communicate. We want it to be about discrete connections and a sense of presence, not about staring at a screen.”

The product is not available for purchase yet, but will be launched on Kickstarter soon to help fund it.

Tell us…

Would you invest in Pillow Talk?

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