Kale: Your Friend With Benefits


KALE MARY FOR THE BLESSING THAT IS KALE. Kale is pretty much the chic new grass. Whether it be in chips, juice, or a salad, there are a cornucopia of ways to prepare these trendy new leaves. It’s fat-free, low in calories, and full of fiber. Kale, your new friend with benefits. You’ll thank yourself for eating a kale salad for lunch later tonight when you’re setting a spell on your porcelain throne. Besides the fact that kale chips look seemingly identical to weed, this plant contains amino acids that literally gives our brains a pick me up. Get high on kale!


These leafy greens contains a large amounts of manganese which helps the human brain focus on daily tasks. A healthy brain is essential to dealing with our chemical happiness, activity, and our ability to deal with daily stress like work or mildly annoying friends.

I Heart Kale

It protects against heart disease because of its abundance in antioxidants that assist your body with fighting free radicals. Cholesterol levels are kept stable because of the insane amount of fiber, making it a substantial component to include in your diet for overall health.


Vitamin A for Awesome

These leaves are rich in vitamin A, K, and C. What’s sexier than smooth healthy skin, long shiny hair and strong bones?? Right swipe. Did you know comparing gram to gram, kale actually contains more calcium than cow’s milk? That’s udderly amazing!

My Liva My Liva

Cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli, and cabbage are used in many liver detox programs as their nutrients have shown to clean out impurities and give it an extra kick. After 3 nights at the bar, 2 of which you blacked out, your liver will be thanking you for eating those kale chips.


Got Beef?

Beef is a rich source of iron, but did you know that 100 grams of beef has 1.6mg of iron, whilst 100 grams of kale has 1.5mg of iron. These greens are the new beef, without the added calories! Those who suffer from iron-deficiency (anemia) can really benefit from these greens. The iron in these leaves help with the formation of enzymes and hemoglobin to deliver oxygen to all parts of your body.

It’s trendy!

There’s even a popular cookbook called 50 Shades of Kale! All these reasons to eat kale are KALE-ing me! We aren’t the only ones who (really)  love kale:


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