How To Deal: Frizzy Hair in Humidity

how to deal frizzy hair
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Frizzy Hair is the worst and it seems to love to cling to us in the summer.Please just go away.

We are no strangers to frizzy hair. It seems that as soon as we’re happy to see beautiful warm weather, the frizz decides to come and rain on our parade. If you’ve got curly or wavy hair, you feel our pain. Sometimes the humidity comes out of nowhere. It always seems to have the perfect timing too: on a first date, during a golf trip with clients, the morning of your wedding day… basically frizzy hair hates us. The worst thing about this is that when it does hit, we’re normally not prepared with frizz-tamers in our pockets (or in our teeny tiny clutches either).

Apparently there are a bunch of different things that actually affect frizzy hair (surprise, surprise, there’s more for us to remember and deal with). On a positive note though, all things are very do-able!

Dermatologist Carolyn Jacob, MD, notes that frizzy hair (as complex as it may seem) is actually quite simple. Hair has this sort of outer layer, its cuticle- and it looks like a “shingled roof”. When your hair is flat, these shingles are flat. When it’s frizzy, the shingles have lifted.

So that’s all good, but how do we fix the problem, you say? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite frizzy hair tips. Click the circles to get in on the secrets!

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