Fuller House Reboot For Full House On Netflix Confirmed

Fuller House Reboot For Full House On Netflix Confirmed

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Or better yet, watch all about it! Remember last summer when we shared with you the rumors of a Full House reboot? Well the television gods have smiled down upon us, and Full House is absolutely getting a reboot in the sense of a brand spankin’ new show – Fuller House. Punny as it is, we actually love the name of the show. And better yet, you’ll be able to watch the show on the home of marathons (no not the running ones) – Netflix. Yup that’s right, your favorite childhood show is going to be rebooted into a sequel and you can watch the entire original series before binge-watching the new one. Sounds like a perfect date with a pizza and a tub of ice cream? We think so!

To confirm the rumors that were circulating last year about the reboot, John Stamos went onto “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to announce it himself in person! He shared the inside scoop that the show will revolve around DJ. Tanner in her older life as she raises her own 3 boys in the same house that she grew up in. But besides just her, Stephanie Tanner, and Kimmy Gibbler from the original series will also have some cameos as well!

If you’re wondering whether or not we’ll also be seeing any guest appearances from the Olsen twins or other cast members, don’t worry we’re on the edge of our seats hoping for it to happen to! No confirmations have yet to be made regarding them or any of the other cast members, but we can still keep our fingers crossed right?

Fuller House Reboot For Full House On Netflix Confirmed

A total of 13 episodes have been ordered for the show and the sequel will be known as “Fuller House” instead of the well known Full House. Premiering sometime in 2016, Netflix will first air the original show as a reunion special before going into the actual brand new “Fuller House”. Hopefully reviews for the reboot will be good enough to have a couple more seasons ordered! Because of this show disappears again, we’re not quite sure what we’ll do (besides hope for some sort of Friends reunion as well).

 Are you excited for the Fuller House reboot?

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