Fun Healthy (Packaged) Snacks for Kids

Fun Healthy (Packaged) Snacks for Kids


Fun Healthy (Packaged) Snacks for Kids

Fun Healthy (Packaged) Snacks for KidsLet’s talk about food and children, fun topic, am I right, mommies? I know every mom has some kind of a “food wish” for her children when it comes to eating. “I wish my children ate more apples. I wish my children ate soup.” We either want our kids to eat more fruits or more vegetables, more protein or more legumes. Every youngster has a unique, individual taste palette. Some kids love strawberries, others prefer bananas. Our main goal, sexy mommies, is to teach our offspring to learn, to love, and eat as many different fresh foods as possible in order for them to continue to grow happy and healthy!

I absolutely love it when my children eat the meals I cook for them, however there are times when I am on-the-go and I have to grab a healthy, packaged snack. (I know it’s a taboo!) Scenario: You’re in the car driving your precious darlings to their next after school activity when you realize that they have eaten all of the home-prepped snacks:  bananas, apples, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, celery sticks, oranges, nuts, cheese sticks, etc. What do you do, superwomen? Well, to ensure that you’re never left empty-handed encore une fois, you pre-shop for situations like this and stock up. Lesson learned!

Tip: Leave fun, healthy, packaged snacks in the car as well. Children get hungry at different times. Snacks come in handy when you’re driving on the highway during rush hour!

The following are fun snacks which you can let your angels snack on guilt-free!  Check out my list of most favourite fun, healthy, packaged, snacks which are mom and kid-approved with good ingredients. I’ve done my research for you, girlfriends, all you have to do is go shopping!

Fun Healthy (Packaged) Snacks for KidsAnnie’s

This is what Annie’s believes in: “We believe simple, real ingredients make the best and tastiest foods, and that’s why everything we use to craft our products is chosen with care.” Can we, dear mommies, have a sigh of relief and say “Amen!”

FYI: Annie’s contains organic ingredients!

Hopping along…

Rude Health

Their belief: “Eat right, stay brilliant.” Exactly what we, moms, think 24/7.

Fun Healthy (Packaged) Snacks for Kids

Furthermore: “We only use the kind of ingredients you’d have in your own kitchen – nothing artificial, nothing refined and we source our ingredients from fields, orchards and vines – not laboratories.” Hooray!

Good news: Made with organic ingredients!

Now, sexy mommies, allow me to introduce to you spelt and kamut…

Fun Healthy (Packaged) Snacks for KidsHappy Herbert’s

Organic Spelt Mini Pretzels: These pretzels contain No Modern Wheat. They’re made with spelt, an “ancient grain” grown since 5000 BC. Many people allergic to modern wheat aren’t allergic to spelt. Spelt has a slightly nutty flavour and more protein than modern wheat. These pretzels are flavourful, delightful and crunchy.

P.S. Also, Happy Herbert’s makes pretzels with Kamut grain – the only pretzels in the universe made with Kamut grain. Kamut grain is slightly sweeter and higher in protein than modern wheat. #GoKamut

Here comes seaweed… *get excited, girlfriends!*





Fun Healthy (Packaged) Snacks for KidsgimMe

A little history on this company: gimMe, Mia’s (Annie & Steve’s teenage daughter) idea, gim means seaweed in Korean—and because it tastes so good, everyone wants more.Roasted seaweed snacks. Non GMO and organic. Owned and operated by Annie Chun and her husband Steve Broad. A family company. Just by knowing this I already feel good about these snacks! *Crunch, Crunch!*

Caution: Moving into the Nut Zone…




Fun Healthy (Packaged) Snacks for KidsLärabar

LÄRABAR® is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Made from whole food, each flavour contains no more than nine ingredients. Pure and simple, just as nature intended. A great, vegan, naturally sweet, healthy, packaged snack.

BTW: Also great for hungry, on-the-go, mommies. Toss it in your purse, devour later, repeat!

And, last but not least… *drum roll*




Caveman Cookies

The Caveman Bakery is proud to be a small, woman-owned business (#GirlPower), they are passionate about creating healthful, all-natural, Paleolithic baked goods made with ingredients that you can actually pronounce, and which your great, great, great ancestors could have enjoyed with you! By far, amigas, the best cookies that your taste buds will ever encounter!

Fun Healthy (Packaged) Snacks for Kids

Bonus: GMO, gluten and peanut free. Certified Kosher. Sweetened with organic honey from Brazil. Can we say “Ah-mazing!”

Are you feeling hungry, girlfriends? Well, ask your kiddies if they’d like to share their snacks with you, I’m sure they’ll be happy to! I bet you can’t have just one bite, moms!

As fun and healthy these packaged snacks are, we moms know that fresh fruits and vegetables are best for our kids, and come first, when it comes to snacking. So, let’s remember that snacks are not a meal, they should be eaten in moderation. Happy snacking!

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