Fur The Sake Of Fur: How To Style Cuffs and Snoods

FurGetting fur around your wrist to simply get it in the picture.

We all love certain things. For some it’s a colour, others it’s a print- but for the daring, it’s fur. Fur coats, hats, earmuffs, mittens, snoods, we’ve seen it all. But where else can you put a piece of fur that will accent your outfit just the right amount to announce to all that you’re beyond fabulous?

The fur cuff.




Bottom right can be found on Etsy.

Cuffs are chic, unprecedented, and instantly make an impression. Stay warm and stylish with cuffs in muted shades as well as bright blues and reds, grabbing glances from everyone who passes by you.

The muted tones are for the less daring, but definitely still credible if you’re putting on a fur cuff at all. The cuffs are bold enough to take your outfit to the next level, but muted tones still keep them in check.

FurThe brighter, more daring tufts of blood oranges and royal blues are for the straightforward fashionistas counting down the seconds to the next impression they’re going to make. These cuffs are about making a statement, and the vivid dyes state things loud and clear.


Bottom left, Burberry, top right Louis Vuitton

Dress up a simple, neutral long sleeve black bodycon dress with either a neutral or a bold cuff, or add a pop to a neutral toned sweater with dress pants and some heeled booties. Matching the metal accents on your cuff, if there are some can help make them a little daintier. The cuff styles vary from all fur to some with a bit more character, so even matching a simple necklace or subtle belt buckle will help tie it in to your outfit.

Buying a cuff without detail is also a more versatile option. Putting a bangle or bracelet over the cuff to add your own accent detail can be helpful when trying to match it with multiple outfits and accessories.

Need a bit more than just a cuff?

If you’re a real fur-fanatic, there’s always the addition of a stylish snood to stay cozy and extravagant all at once. You can match the snood to the cuffs, or even add a colourful pop to one of them. Deep magenta and burgundy-toned snoods go great with coats that have fur sleeve cuffs.


Burgundy snood (left) can be found on Anthropologie, and Grey snood (right) can be found at Asos.

Still haven’t got your fur fix? It’s time to step it up a notch.


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