How to Get Bigger Boobs without Surgery

How to get Bigger Boobs without Surgery

How to get Bigger Boobs without Surgery
Boobs. Love em, hate em, never seem to be happy with them. There’s absolutely no shame in admitting that you want bigger boobs – especially if you’re part of the #ittybittytittycommittee with me. While I am happy with my breasts for the most part, there are times when I wish they were just a little bit bigger. Although getting bigger breasts without the help of surgery can be a tricky feat (why does all my fat go to my stomach and not my boobs????), here are a few things you can try (or try them all) to help the twins out.

Massage them.

Go ahead, grab those suckers. Massaging your breasts on the daily can help with the blood flow to the area which helps puff them up. A gentle back and forth “swishing” motion is the way to do it. Going in a counterclockwise direction can help promote maximum lymphatic drainage. While this method has not proven to last for the long term, it can give you that boost of confidence when the man in your life insists he wants to see you fully naked.
How to get Bigger Boobs without Surgery

Chest exercises.

Just like any other muscle in your body, your pectoral muscles will swell up and look larger with some exercise. The muscles around your boobs are made of three parts: upper (top of your chest, where you can make your boobs look more firm), middle (right in the middle area, near your nipples, where your boobs would look the most full), and under (these muscles help lift your boobs up). Give a try at some push-ups, chest presses and pectoral flys, as they all work at your chest area. Consistent exercise will leave you with long-term results and can continue to keep your breasts’ overall appearance look great even when you’re at the size you’re happy with.
How to get Bigger Boobs without Surgery

A good push-up bra.

A good push-up bra can take your A-cups to C-cups. You can also double-up your bras for the maximum effect. Some amazing boob-pushing bras to check out are the famous Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Bras (that claim to bring you up two sizes) if you want that va-va-voom look, or Aerie’s Ella Gel or Jacklyn Push-Up Bras if you want a more natural-looking push (my personal favorites).
How to get Bigger Boobs without Surgery


Ah, the magic of make-up. Create an optical illusion with your boobies by using a darker shadow in-between your breasts, bringing it around the top to create the shape, and adding a bit of highlighter at the top fullest part of your boobs to make them pop! This works best paired with a push-up bra.
How to get Bigger Boobs without Surgery

Your diet.

Drinking a mixture of papaya juice and milk on the daily has been proven to be one of the best natural ways to make your breasts grow. Their nutrients and vitamins help plump them up if you’re consistent with the drink. Fresh papaya is also rumoured to help enhance your breasts. Add flax seeds to your foods as they have been known to increase breast tissue growth. Foods with lots of protein helps bring fats to the right places (your boobs being one of them). This includes milk, eggs, peanut butter, lean fish and chicken, and nuts. To get the best results from this, you should also cut out sodas, sugars and processed foods. This will not only enhance your boobs, it will enhance your body as a whole.
How to get Bigger Boobs without Surgery

Now tell us:

Do you prefer bigger or smaller boobs?

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  1. I prefer boobs in the c-cup range as I’ve personally had b-cup to dd-cup (with weight fluctuations) and found they looked most flattering in shirts at this size.

    But of course, rock what you’ve got!

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Hi Carolyn!
      Pretty impressive that you’ve been through such a variety of cup-sizes! Bra shopping must have been fun 🙂
      C-cups seem to be the crowd favorite from what we’ve heard as well!

  2. I’ve always been small breasted. boobpop really works to help those not happy with there size. I recommend boobpop to people who want a natural way to help themselves get what they want.


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