Get Naked: Why Sleeping Nude is Better for You

Less than 1 in 10 Americans sleep naked. This is highly unfortunate considering that sleeping in the nude provides amazing (scientifically proven!) benefits. There are major health benefits ranging from improved mood, to deeper sleep, to increased amount of sex, and more! It’s so easy AND there’s less laundry to do each week because you simply aren’t wearing any clothes to wash. And that’s a major plus.



Forms of insomnia are associated with irregular body temperature regulation because of the body’s inability to cool down fast enough. In a Dutch study, participants wore thermo-suits, which controlled skin temperature. Lowering the temperature by less than one degree Celsius resulted in participants not waking up as much during the night. A deeper sleep is a better sleep. (Did i mention deeper sleeps mean vivid dreams? Dream on)


Naked Sleep is Better Sleep

Your boyshorts won’t be riding up, or your pajama pants won’t be bunching in weird places. There’s no uncomfortable-ness to sleeping naked. (Check out our article about how to get a better night’s sleep, other than just sleeping naked!) During REM sleep, people do not sweat or shiver so don’t worry you won’t be dreaming about being in the Frozen movie by sleeping naked!


Look and Feel Great

Your skin will be thanking you if you go commando. Sleeping is a time of restoration, especially for your skin. Several studies have shown that those who suffer with body acne have improved skin because the skin can breathe. Overall, sleeping naked is amazing for your self-esteem. Spending so much time naked allows you to be more comfortable with your body. And this is going to make you happier and more confident. Slide into your birthday suit and sleep your way into better mental and physical health!


Skip the Strip Tease

If you and your partner both sleep naked, there will be nothing between you two. Skin to skin intimacy delivers oxytocin. This hormone counteracts stress and depression, lowers blood-pressure, elevates happiness, and decreases intestinal inflammation (meaning a flatter stomach!). And the obvious benefit: more sex.


Sleeping Beauty

No need for that $300 tub of anti-wrinkle cream. Sleeping in totally darkness causes the body to release melatonin to cool down the body. As your body temperature slowly dips down, primary anti-aging hormones are triggered and released. They work their regenerative and restorative magic without you having to do anything! If your sleep environment is too warm (aka wearing thick flannel PJ bottoms), it will prevent the natural cooling process that happens while you sleep. Stop inhibiting your body’s ability to slow the aging process, take it all off!


Tell us:

Spend a night commando and tell us if you feel a difference!

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