Get Your Femme On - Rehydrate & Reuse & Reduceou already know that staying Get Your Femme On - Rehydrate & Reuse & Reducehydrated is an important factor to your health. But cute water bottles tend to be pricey, which leads to you purchasing bottled water instead. So what to do, what to do? The question lingers because we want to be environmentally conscious when staying healthy (the Earth has to be healthy in order to help us stay healthy too), but is it worth it for the price that we’re being charged? The real answer is no, and the Femme Network knows that.

Which is why one of our goals (after much digging around), was to create something that was not only cute, but affordable and usable as well. You wouldn’t buy a cute and cheap pair of jeans for $10, only to be able to wear it once right? The whole point is to get as much out of your purchase as possible before it’s not longer useful to you. And not only is it practical, but it matches our Be Femme tote as well! We present to you, our Get Your Femme On water bottle.

Not only is the sleek black bottle extremely light (no breakable glass bottles here!) and durable, but it’s perfectly on trend its black and white lettering that’ll have every girl at the gym envious. It’s always better to be in the eye of envy than to be the envious one.

But besides its ridiculously cute design (we think that it’s perfectly on par with Lululemon-esque designs), it’s extremely functional as well. Forget about leaks and spills as the top locks down when pressed. And we’ve even thought beyond the initial uses of the bottle.

Get Your Femme On - Rehydrate & Reuse & Reduce

We made sure that the mouth of the bottle was wide enough to be easily washed, since you’re going to be planning on reusing this bottle! Nobody needs their hands to be stuck inside of a bottle and scratching their wrist up trying to yank their hands back out. If we could use emojis, the girl with the arms crossed across her face would be happening right about now. So what’re you wiating for?

Get your femme on at the gym and make sure to stay hydrated!

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