Girl Code Versus Bro Code Code Differences

Girl Code Versus Bro Code Differences

Girl Code Versus Bro Code Differences

We’ve all heard of the term “girl code”. What is it? It’s a selection of rules that are unwritten to keep you and your girlfriends’ relationships healthy. It prevents you from being known as the “back stabbing bitch” or “snake”. The same applies for guys, it prevents you from being beat up by their friends. However, bro code and girl code are completely different. There are many variations, but we have compiled them all here:

1. Dating Ex- Anything

For girl code, it’s a taboo. It doesn’t matter if the person was a fling, serious, or it happened 10 years ago, it’s a taboo. Just don’t do it.

For bro code, it’s all cool. They pass around girls like no tomorrow. They’re done with them, now whoever takes them is merely taking a sloppy second. All that matters to them, is they hit it first.

2. Matching Swag

Girl Code versus bro code differences

For girl code, you have to declare it if you plan to buy the same thing. And it’s often a bad idea to wear identical outfits unless planned. Unless you want to be getting dirty looks, make sure they’re cool with it.

For bro code, it’s awesome. It just means your style is so good, someone else is also wearing it. This calls for dabs and a new friendship.

3. Name Calling

Girl code versus bro code differences

For girl code, this is tricky. You can only call each other derogatory terms like “bitch”, “hoe”, and “slut” if you’re on a certain level of friendship. If you aren’t close enough, get ready for the cyattie-ness.

For bro code, they are very honest. When they call each other names, they actually mean it. It’s not a ‘cute nick name’ like women. There is no level of friendship, just brute honesty.

4. Location Update

For girl code, if their man asks for a location update, a nice, fluffed up lie is necessary to put their girl in good light. No bad light remarks are acceptable.

For bro code, you never say anything, ever. The reply must always be “I don’t know” or expect to get your ass kicked later.

5. Washrooms

girl code washroom breaks

For girl code, you always exercise the buddy system. If one girl wants to go, one more or all your girls go. Leaving one to go alone is basically leading them into danger.

For bro code, no one ever goes together. It is a one- man trip. Men are big, toughies, they supposedly can handle ‘anything’.

6. Drunk intentions

For girl code, if she’s wasted and has many sexual intentions, it is your duty as a girl friend to stop her from doing anything. If she wakes up to a night she regrets, it’s all on you.

For bro code, let him be the inner slut he wishes to be. Your only responsibility is to make sure her appearance is up to standard. Yeah, that means no ugly girls.

7. Ugly Photos

ugly bro code selfie

For girl code, if the picture is ugly, it never surfaces… ever. If it does, expect lots of gossip to go around.

For bro code, no shits are given. If it’s amusing, it’s going up. Pride and dignity don’t matter. It’s all about how funny it is to everyone but the person in the picture.

What girl and guy codes are we missing?


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