Girl On The Go: Dragonfly Belly Dance Brings Out Our Inner Shakira

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Admit it, your hips do lie. And when you saw Shakira shaking hers like it was nothing, you wanted to emulate her – except you failed. Luckily for us, almost a decade after the famous release of Hips Don’t Lie, we’ve found the answer to our struggle – Dragonfly Belly Dance. Where everybody (from beginners to experienced twerkers) can learn how to shimmy their way into Shakira-like movements.
Our Girl On The Go gave belly dancing a try on a cold winter night, with the hopes of warming herself up alongside picking up a new skill. Who knows when you’ll ever have to bust out some moves on the dance floor at the next party right? We dropped in on the tail-end of an 8 week session course (omg, the rest of the students were skilled) where our instructor, Anuka, was showing everyone how to put together isolated movements to create a fluid dance.

Girl On The Go: Dragonfly Belly Dance Brings Out Our Inner Shakira

Anuka quickly assured us that it was a beginner’s class that we were attending and to not worry since everything would be easily laid out for us to understand – she was right. Guiding us through a series of warm-ups for the body, Anuka helped us ease into the hip gyrations as if we’d already had prior experience with the movements. For a first time belly dancer, it wasn’t as intimidating as it seems. And even though our Girl On The Go has a bit of a dance background, even the most uncoordinated jello couldn’t go wrong in this class.

Fortunately for busy moms or even moms-to-be, Dragonfly Belly Dance also offers pre-/post-natal as well as children’s classes that help you stay active even in your busy life. So not to worry! Unlike other activities where you have to drop once your life gets busy, belly dancing can stick with you for life!

Girl On The Go: Dragonfly Belly Dance Brings Out Our Inner Shakira

Are you ready to get your shake on?

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