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Okay we get it, you lead a busy life. You sleep in till the last moment possible and then rush to get ready for work in about 10 minutes. On your way out of the house, you grab your gym bag and tell yourself that you’ll hit the gym immediately after work. 4PM comes around and you’re ready to go home. “I’ll just go tomorrow,” you tell yourself, and you wind up back in your house where you first started your day. No gym activity whatsoever at all. “It would have been packed anyways,” you say, as you try to rationalize why you skipped out. Stop. Think back; the reason that you skipped out was most likely because you were starting to get bored of your fitness routine. There was no longer something new and exciting to look forward to. You can map out exactly what your circuit across the gym would be, and even just thinking about it demotivates you. Why not try something a little bit different that’ll reinvigorate your fitness routine? This is where Surfset Toronto will be your new best friend.

Girl On The Go: Why You Should #GetOnBoard At Surf Set Toronto!

Our first impression of Surfset was that it would be a surfing simulator where you can surf without actually having to be at a beach. Sounds pretty fun doesn’t it? Boy were we wrong. Not only are you not surfing, but there is no beach. Fortunately for us, our wrong expectations did not let us down. Instead of surfing in the USA, we were in for a treat.

Surfset pulls from the real movements of surfing to produce a full body approach workout consisting of a zero-rest method in order to create and achieve that lean but strong surfer bod. The best part? There are no aquatic creatures praying upon your demise (unless you account for the two pet sharks in the office).

Girl On The Go: Why You Should #GetOnBoard At Surf Set Toronto!

Do not walk in expecting some electronic surfing simulator. All of the movements are not only created but controlled by you. The balancing act helps to develop a strong core, while other movements help increase your fitness.

For a first time Surfset-er, our Girl On The Go can attest to the fact that Surfset can definitely start out being as hard as it looks. But as you continue to come back and participate in more classes, you not only build up that strength but balance as well. If this isn’t a conversation starter workout then we don’t know what is. But guess what? You and two friends will get a chance try out Surfset yourselves! To enter, make sure to check out our giveaway page!

Are you ready to #GetOnBoard?

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