Glamping – Are You Ready to Camp in Style?

Glamping - Are You Ready to Camp in Style?

Glamping - Are You Ready to Camp in Style?

Enjoying the great outdoors by going camping and cottaging in the summer is always glamorized in commercials, magazines and ads. You’re clearly not going to be sitting in lawn chairs the whole day throwing back bottles of beers with friends, eating perfectly roasted hotdogs and delicious s’mores. It’s time for a reality check.

The Outdoors Are Not Glamorous

Glamping - Are You Ready to Camp in Style?

There will be mosquitos – yes you will be bit, and there may be the occasional bee/wasp sting. There will be spiders trying to crawl inside of your tent regardless of how secure you’ve made it. Dirt really will get all over your clothes. And sleeping bag. And car. And just about everything else. The lake will not be crystal clear every time and you may drag back some bits of seaweed or if you’re really lucky, a leech. There may be days where you can’t go swimming because the e. coli levels are too high. You might get a flat tire driving through the rubble on the way up the mountain, and some hooligan might just try to break into your car over night while you’re asleep. You won’t necessarily be safe from the animals either regardless of how safe your camp site might be. Some furry fellow will try to come through your camp site during the night and break into your stash of edibles.

But as horrible as we just made it all sound, it’s easy to go camping, have fun and still get the experience of spending your time outdoors. Why not just take everything that you do inside of the house outdoors? Enter: glamping – glamorous camping.

Glamping – Glamorous Camping

Glamping - Are You Ready to Camp in Style?

Rewind back about 10-15 years ago to when you were a child. Remember those hot summer nights that you’d set up your camping gear outdoors in your backyard? You’d light up a little lantern and play games with your mom and dad inside until it was time to go to bed. If your parents were nice, they’d let you sleep outdoors overnight. If not, they’d most likely make you go back inside to your room and crawl into your plush comfortable bed.

Let’s relive our memories and recreate our backyard camping, but with a more luxurious vibe. We’re older now afterall, where’s the champagne and food? You deserve the finer things in life. We’re not talking about taking a trek across the country to Tanzania just to glamp, but something easy and peasy that you can do in your own backyard.

Glamping 4

So what exactly is glamping? To put it quite simply, it’s glamorous camping where everything is nicer. You’re warmer, the food is better, you’re cleaner, you don’t have to worry about lack of electricity or water.

But do you really need all of those bales of hay and decorations? No. We’ll show you how to set up a simple glamping experience, all with a couple of things that you may already own!

Glamping - Are You Ready to Camp in Style?

First of all, you’re going to need a cute tent or a teepee. It doesn’t have to be massive, but if there’s room for others you’ll have more fun than glamping by yourself! If you have a regular camping tent then it works as well. We just thought that these teepees would be more glamping appropriate and add to the ambience.

Next, make sure to lay down mounds and mounds of blankets on the ground so that it feels like you’re walking on clouds of fluff. Here’s your chance to put grandma’s thick quilted throws to good use. They may not be super pretty lying around on your bed, but they’re thick and ridiculously comfy on the ground. Finish off the blanket land with a nice patterned throw on the top for a nice pop of color.

We love throw pillows and if we could fill a room with them to roll around in then it would be done. Grab as many as you can and arrange them around the edges of the inside of your tent to create back support for your guests to lean on. If you end up drinking too much you can always grab one to snuggle up with and pass out.

If you’re planning on staying out late, string up some twinkly ornamental lights to light up your teepee. They also cast a really cute and etheral glow making your tent appear as if it was lit up by fairies. Every one loves fairies.

Grab a small table to put inside of your teepee (or outside if it’s too big) so that you can pour some drinks and set up some snacks. A pitcher of sangria with some chocolate covered strawberries is best served while glamping with friends!

Add some lighting outdoors with lanterns and arrange them to light up a path indoors. This way you’ll feel like you’ll haveĀ  a personal yellow brick road leading you back home!

For some extra ambience, place some candles around your teepee for a cute glow on the ground. Make sure to keep them away from the fabric unless a backyard bonfire is your goal!

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  1. No, I wouldn’t go ‘glamping’ either.

    I don’t think any amount of spin can make camping an attractive proposition, certainly not in the unpredicatable UK climate….

    • Hey Ray! Ah, well we tried to make camping as attractive as possible, but I guess nothing will conquer a bad climate! Perhaps if we write an article about camping in Hawaii…


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