Glitter Poop & Sparkly Fart: It’s Not a Myth

Glitter Poop & Sparkly Fart: It's Not a Myth

There’s a running joke that females don’t sh*t, but instead poop out glitter and fart fairy dust. Well it’s time to face the facts, we defecate just like everybody else. Sure I’d absolutely love to be able to poop out glitter, that would make a really cool Instagram photo, but I don’t, so I can’t. Fortunately the Instagram gods have smiled down upon us females and have provided us with a method to actually make our butt nuggets sparkle.

You Really Can Poop Glitter & Sparkles!

Glitter Nuggets Anyone?

If you’ve ever needed more of a reason to clog up your toilet, there’s an Etsy shop that sells non-toxic glitter pills that’ll definitely do the trick. However they’ve conveniently left out whether or not the sparklies will take a toll on your digestive track, so you know, you may just have to wait till it comes to light… literally.

But with almost 2000 sales, you know that the desire for glittery poop is going strong, and it might just become a trend for 2015, #GlitterNuggets anyone? Unfortunately in their policies section, the seller does advise against consuming the pills for glittery poop, so all that jazz might have to wait for another day. Until then though, we can only imagine what sparkly poop would look like.

You Really Can Poop Glitter & Sparkles!

That leaves a question to be answered though: why would anyone want a capsule full of glitter to begin with? The sellers do say that they look cool (and indeed they do), and available in a full range of colors and variations to glitterfy your everyday needs. But do you really need glittery pills for home decor? Only if you’re a pill poppin’ fairy. Which we aren’t. So we’re going to pass on these for the time being.

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