Go-to Comfort Food Recipes

mac n cheese

There’s just nothing better than curling up on the couch with some comfort food at the end of a hard day.

Some days it just feels like when it rains, it pours. Nothing went your way, things got out of control, and you’re frustrated. All you want to do is feel like crap. That’s ok! You don’t have to be on the go all the time. Sometimes you just need a moment to relax and chill out on your own.

We find that there’s nothing better on a day like that than getting together some comfort food and curling up on the couch with a TV show or movie. Granted, it’s really not the healthiest choices of food, but sometimes you need something that just takes like it’s saying “You’re great. Don’t worry. Relax sweetie.” Granted, even when you’re not having a bad day but you just need something to take the edge off, comfort food is the way to go (especially when it’s cold or damp outside)

So take a breather. If you’re a mom, tell your kids or hubby that you need some down time, and get comfy. Yes, that includes throwing on your ugliest, comfiest sweats. These are our favourite recipes for times like that- it’s quick, delicious (addictive, too), and makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

1. Toasty Warm Bowl of Chili

This is our favourite recipe for chili. It’s got a little kick in it to keep your tastebuds excited but just the right amount of warmth and heartiness.


2. Baked Mac ‘N’ Cheese

This creamy, cheesy, baked mix is our numero uno! The bread crumbs give it some more texture but the entire bite just melts in your mouth. We can never stop at a couple bites. Admittedly, we’ve finished the entire dish once (shhhh).


3. Chicken Pot Pie

The perfect mix between soup and a casserole- the chicken pot pie is the perfect classic comfort food. Its soufflé like feature gives it character and texture while the warm insides make you feel are warm and fuzzy inside too. This is our super easy and quick version of the chicken pot pie.


4. Heartwarming Chicken Soup

There’s nothing better on a cold day, especially when you’re starting to feel under the weather, than a nice bowl of chicken soup… just like mom used to make it. Now you can make it for yourself and even your little ones. It seems to just make you feel better instantly, no matter how grave the problem.


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