Sure there are popular brands out there like Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop, and even l’Occitane, who do more than enough for the body product industry. But because they cater to such a large market, remaining affordable and sourcing quality ingredients at the same time can be a little bit difficult. Not to say that they haven’t done a fantastic job with their current product offerings, but that big box store dream doesn’t work for everyone.

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Sometimes you need to take a step back and go natural with your products. Like using ingredients that haven’t been modified, just because it’s better for your skin. Or even creating products that work for your skin condition because you have yet to find anything in the market that does – at least Laura Miller did. Which was how Inspired Soap Works Limited was born.

Going Natural With Inspired Soap Works Limited

Being a diabetic, Laura suffered from one of the most common symptoms, which was a constantly changing skin condition of her feet. Diabetes can sometimes lead to nerve damages, to the point that the skin on your feet no longer efficiently regulates oil production, thus drying them out – significantly. Market products aren’t exactly designed for diabetic feet, well, because let’s face it – not everyone has diabetes. Which means it would cost too much for companies to manufacture both regular and diabetic lotions. And when it comes to business, the play is for money, so obviously company owners go with the route that’ll make them the most money the fastest.

Going Natural With Inspired Soap Works Limited

But where does that leave diabetics? It certainly left Laura in a lurch, and in that sense, she went out and created her own products that suited her needs with the hopes of also fulfilling the needs of others. Curious as to how she’s done it? Watch our interview with her to find out! 😉

Are you a user of natural products?

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